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I forgot to say that I probably won't be able to help anyone with med. advice, but I hope I can be of support to someone out there somewhere. I would love to be in contact with someone who has also lost a sibling to cancer, or a father to emphysema. My dad died 1 year ago April 2 and I so miss him.


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Hi Cluck. Welcome to this site.

My brother died of lung cancer in 2000. In October of 2003, my PCP informed me that I had a "lung mass" that was still early stage. She said "somewhat must be watching out for you up there". I always fancied that it was my brother who nudged me to have the ct chest scan done.

I had a scan done of my bladder the previous spring. The lower part of my lungs showed up in the image and a possible nodule or photo artifact was noted in my lower left lung. The radiologist and my PCP did not seem very concerned at the time. The radiologist suggested that I do a chest ct scan after a few months to make sure it was just an artifact.

I was going to not do the followup, but decided to do it just to make sure. The following fall, I had a chest ct scan done. The ct scan showed a large mass in my upper left lobe. It turned out that the earlier scan had picked out a nodule, at my lower left lung, but it was found to be benign. The new structure found was a complete surprise.

Don M

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