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Checking off one more "gotta do before I die" thin


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So, in my mind I have a list of things that haven't happened to me yet in life. Today, I got to check off another...

I work on the top floor of an eight-story building. I take an elevator to the cafeteria on the first floor. This afternoon, I got onto the elevator with a friend and co-worker. The 'vator then stopped at the seventh floor and picked up another friend and six visitors from one of vendors. We started our descent rather quickly and stopped hard. The lights for the floors were lit and the 'vator was going nowhere.

Emergency phone to building security with a "Hey, we're stuck, come get us out!"... (Did I mention I don't care for small spaces for any length of time?) Ten minutes pass with nothing, use the phone again and ask when someone is going to get us out...the answer that comes back is "Are you still stuck?" (Uh, DUH!)

FINALLY, after another ten minutes, we hear a knock on our door. They didn't know what floor we were stuck on - the 3 1/2 floor. Building security is looking up at us and positioning a ladder. (Did I mention I hate ladders?) We have to file down this ladder one at a time with a warning of "Be careful, the shaft is wide open behind you." Welcome to hell!

Three of my big fears, getting stuck in an elevator, climbing on a ladder, standing on the edge of a "cliff" all came together within a twenty minute period.

Wonder how skydiving will be sprung on me....maybe I should avoid airplanes...

So, when did the calendar flip back to Monday?

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Good grief Beck...I wouldn't have had a problem with the small space in the elevator and the ladder wouldn't have been toooo bad, but I'd have to draw my line in the sand at the whole face-off with the shaft bit. They would have been setting up some kind of pulley system to heist up the pizza and blankets for me. Glad it's behind you and guess what...it's FRIDAY!

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Holy cow, Becky Snowflake!!! You are quite the trooper! I would have been in a complete state of panic, as I hate even the thought of tight places. I could have handled the ladder better that being syuck in the elevator. I'm so glad you're safe and sound!!!

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Holey Moley!!

My stomach started to churn as soon as you started writing about the escape route.

The elevator I don't care about, even the ladder........but not a ladder over a hole that deep! No way, I think I'd still be in there.

Way to go girl, you conquered three fears in 20 minutes.


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Ooh, wow, Becky. Raised goosebumps. Holy cow -- I work on the 22nd floor! Quite a few people have gotten trapped in our elevators, but I think they've always been able to get them unstuck and people got out the doors in the normal fashion. Whew. What an experience for you. You're definitely a trooper, girl.

A friend and I were in with about 3 other people one day and the elevator came to a sudden jerky stop on 11th floor and wouldn't open or start again. Security didn't immediately answer us either. Usually if anybody even accidentally brushes that alarm button the response is instantanious, but this day we had to push it three times before we got an answer, but they must have had a reset switch or something because it then started right up and descended normally.

Wow, glad you're ok.

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