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New and confused


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Hi everyone, I'm so glad I found you. I know we're not doctors, but I'm wondering what you think of my situation.

About 4 months ago I started with an annoying cough that wouldn't go away. On occasion it produces "streaky(with blood)phlegm", as well as chest pain. I finally got a referral to pulmonology(this is military medicine I'm dealing with) where I then got a gallium scan and a high res CT scan. The gallium showed "warm" I was told this means my lungs are somewhat inflamed, and the CT showed a 3mm nodule in the left lung(not sure what part). I asked the doc was this cancer, and he immediatly said no, and started me on an asthma protocol.

I was a smoker for 26 years(am 41 now). My question is this: How can the doc know it's not LC? When I had a suspicious lump in my breast last year, they jumped on it like flies on .....!(it was benign)

I'm now more worried than before. Has anyone had a similar situation?

Thanks for listening :)


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There is nothing they can do to check out a 3mm nodule. They are to small to biopsy. HOWEVER they may watch it for a year to see if it grows or goes away.

Nodules are MORE COMMON then PEOPLE KNOW! I've had mine for going on 4 years. I am more at risk for MINE being cancer being I AM a lung cancer survivor. You wouldn't be quite at risk as someone with lung cancer would be. But, we never say never.

Most nodules are infections or scar tissue. And it's also common to cough up blood when you cough hard. You can break a vien if you cough to hard.

3 mm nodule is very very very tiny.

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Thanks so much for your prompt replies. He is seeing me monthly; I'm not sure when he'll do another scan. I seem to remember reading somewhere that it could be associated with my rheumatoid arthritis. Anyway, thanks again, and I'll keep you posted on what it is.

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Hi Neighbor,

Welcome....Please be vigilant with the asthma also. I have coughed so hard as to bring up a little blood. SCAREY!! I pray that the nodule is no more than a bit of scar tissue.

Oh this sounds awful but.....I sure hope you don't need us!!!

have a blessed day,

Pam :P

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Hi Guzele,

Boy this all can be so scary. But I think the best road in your situation is to be vigilant as Amie stated. If you aren't satisfied with the information you are receiving with your doctor, or are still anxious, get a second opinion. Keep on top of that nodule and get it checked regularly to make sure it isn't changing. Other than that, there is not much you can do but try and put it out of your mind and enjoy each day you have as if it were a gift.

Find a doctor you trust, and put this in his hands and know that "if" this ever becomes anything to worry about he will be on top of it. And if this does turn out to be nothing to worry about, well then you have had a poignant reminder of how valuable each day is, and that you must enjoy each one and find beauty, peace, tolerance, love and forgiveness in every day. Don't waste your days in worry and fear. As one of our wiser members has been known to say, "don't borrow worry from tomorrow"

God Bless you and I pray that your nodule is nothing more than scar tissue from the coughing, and the asthma medication cures your ailments.

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