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Adrenal Glands


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Good Morning everybody:

Found out yesterday my cancer has spread to my adrenal glands. I don't see the onc till Tuesday the 28th to see what the next step is. I am curious as to how many have had this experience on this board and how was it treated. I did not ask too many questions to his nurse when she called to tell me as I was driving in my car on the cell phone.

I am so scared right now. Thank you for any input.

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Sometimes they assume the cancer has gone to the adrenals because they are enlarged. Are you sure they said it had gone there for sure or that they suspected it had? Did you have a PET scan that lit up? Many have had false alarms regarding the adrenals so don't panic till you know for sure.

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I had a met to my right adrenal gland that was never picked up in a CT that was done in December (CT was read as excellent, with no progression by the way). The adrenal had a 7 cm mass (large). The only reason I finally did know this was because I had a lump on my lower back (adrenal sits next to kidney below shoulder blade) that was diagnosed as a "fatty tumor" in November, this "no big deal tumor" began to grow and hurt, I took myself to a surgeon who told me it was a cancer tumor. I had it biopsied and guess what, it was my lung cancer again...then they did another CT scan (one month after my "great" one) saw the adrenl tumor that time! I now am VERY pessimistic when someone says "I had NED or "scans looked great"..right..me too...HA

I am now back on chemo after a seven month vacation from it. On Taxol (makes you feel like crap for a few days following infusion), Carboplatin and Avastin. I will be rescanned soon...(not that you can trust a CT).

I would think, as far as treatment goes, they would put you on a regimen similar to mine.

I have no symptoms from the adrenal met...the adrenals help regulate a lot of different hormones..fight or flight (racing heart), blood pressure, fluid regulation (swelling of feet, hands etc).

Good luck my friend, hope for the best..thats all we can do!


PS I am also a nurse and it pisses me off that our medical profession is so sloppy and has a total disregard for their job and the importance of reading a CT correctly.

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Hi Midge:

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, I am extremely fatigued to the point where I can only do a few things at a time then I need to lay down. I was assuming this was due to the Tarceva but now I am not sure if the spread of the lung cancer to my adrenal glands might also be a contributing factor. I will have to wait until Tuesday to see my onc. I tried to get them to push my appointment up to today but, of course, they had no openings.

Thank you.

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