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pain returning after starting chemo


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Has anybody experienced the same kind of pain that they had in the hospital after their lobectomy return once chemo started?

I feel worse today than I did when I came home from the hospital...and it seems to be muscle type of pain. If I could immobilize my left arm, it would be a lot better, but I know that is not the right thing to do.

Back to this when I was totally pain free from the surgery. I have call in to onc's office and am waiting for a callback now.

Wondering if it's the chemo drugs, the anti-nausea drugs, or what the heck?

My husband has to haul me out of bed--I can't do it myself..... :cry:

Any insight anyone?

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sorry I never had chemo, only the surgery----but just a note to hope that you feel better fast---hopefully the onc can give you something for the pain.

Regards Eileen

nsclc stage 1A lobectomy 6/00

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Yes -- I had that happen too. A few weeks into radiation/chemo, I started to get that same uncomfortable feeling I had after surgery. Almost like I could feel where my lung stopped. After surgery, I used to say I felt like I had a shoe box shoved under my arm, right into my side and I was very aware of where my lung stopped when I took a deep breath. The sensation went away after a while, but when I started treatment, it did come back but has since gone away again since I completed treatment.

Are you taking any kind of pain meds? You might want to mention it to your doc!

Take care,


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Thanks for your responses. I did talk to my onc about this at chemo on Thursday, and she thinks that it may be a reaction from a little golf trip I took right before chemo started. It didn't feel this bad when I came home, but she says with that major surgery, cutting through muscle, nerves, and all that, I may have broken some adhesions with my swinging a club (a lot). She gave me muscle relaxers and I am taking tylenol for pain. Hopefully it will go away soon. As if there aren't enough aggravations with chemo anyway.....

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