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Very, very difficult without Lelsie


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well, I am having another moment, but this one seems to not want to leave. I am at work, busy, but Leslie entered my thoughts. Now I am so depressed, I cannot function, cannot do the work at hand. I just keep saying to myself how I miss her. I started to cry on the phone with my boss. I said the one thing that hurts so much is the thought of never talking with her again, hearing her voice, her laugh. It so much sucks! I hate cancer, I really hate it. The fricken monster took my Leslie away. I am in pain. I can barely function. I know this will pass, but as fast as time passes, this kind of time cannot pass fast enough. I want her home, here. I know she's gone home, some will say. Yes, she's in a better place, others will say. But she's not in my home. I just miss her.

Ok, had to get it out of my system. Think maybe I can go on to next task.


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Losing Leslie is like losing half of you. She was so much a part of you. Every breath you take, every move you made, she was right there with you. She still is, but like you said, she is not at your side anymore. You can't call her and talk to her, you can't hear her laughter, you can't touch her. Leslie is in your heart and soul. Close your eyes and tune everything else out and you will see her. You will hear her because she is still with you in spirit.

Time is all you have right now and no it is not moving fast enough. Take whatever time you need though to greive for your loss. Just remember we are here for you anytime you need us. Many of us are on the same path but at different points but we know only too well what you are going through and we will stand by you too as others have stood by us.

May you feel Leslie with you always.


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I am so sorry Mark. Leslie was so full of life and now she is not here, unreal and unfair!!! I HATE THIS DISEASE WITH A PASSION. It is just so cruel and unfair. There must be a cure very soon.


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You said it, Mark.

You said it, brother.

I can't stand it, either.

I hope Leslie and Brian are enjoying a hug and plotting how they can help us find a way to live the rest of our lives.

I am in pain like yours.

I know others are, as well.

I am so sorry for you and for me and for all of us.

I just can't stand it, either.


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I'm so sorry! I wish there was something I could do to take the pain away from everyone who has lost there love ones. I lost my Dad to NSCLC on 11-18-05 he was only 66 years old we are all so devasted.

Don't you love it when people tell you there in a better place? You want to tell them to go to Hell!

But I guess people just don't know what to say..

Hope you are feeling better!



Dad DX 04-01-05

Passed away 11-18-05 :cry:


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Mark, I am so sorry for your loss. If I could hunt cancer down and eliminate it I would in a Texas heart beat.

YOur Leslie was such a good girl. Such energy and heart. I loved the pictures of you both in Rome. I am so grateful the universe conspired to bring her to us here at LCSC.

Lean on us....we'll help you, cry with you and love you like we loved her.



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If it helps I am aPastry Chef and the same thing happes to me every once and a while. I have gotten used to it and so has everyone at work around me. I know your hurting and can sympathize with you on a lot of things. Hang in there

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I can well understand why you are missing Leslie. She was quite a lady and her love for you was so often evident. I remember when her brain mets were found. You were away on some sort of business trip and she missed you so. She posted when you were driving back and was so happy that you'd be there. I believe she posted when you were only an hour away from home too -- it seemed she was deriving her strength and hope from your being home. She was so excited and looking forward to your for strength and support. I could feel her hope and excitement. So you were greatly loved by Leslie and obviously you returned the love. It's no wonder you are missing her so much. I'm so sorry.


gail p-m

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