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BAC Mucous producing carcinoma

Guest Joyce

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I'd like to talk to someone who has Bronchoalveolar carcinoma (mucous producing). I was diagnosed early July with BAC, and had the middle lobe of the right lung removed.

This form of cancer seems to deviate from the regular form of BAC. How are you getting along, and what are your thoughts on survorship?


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I was diagnosed BAC Stage 1A in April of 2001. Lower left lobe removed. I am basically fine now, except for wheezing through allergy season. I was resisting long term use of an inhaler, but I think I must. I can do 40 minutes on a treadmill with little problems, but walking up hills can still be tough. Thank heavens there are no hills in South Jersey.

Let me know what else I can do for you.


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Hi Joyce,

I was diagnosed 2/02 with bronchoalveolar-type adenocarcinoma, which is different from pure BAC. I go for follow-up scans every three months. The next appt. with my onc is in Sept. So far, so good. I exercise regularly as part of my LC therapy, and it has paid off as far as breathing is concerned and being able to enjoy outside activities such as skiing and hiking.

If you haven't already discovered the following site, you might check it out for good information about BAC. From this URL you can also access a message board that is comprised of only BAC patients and/or their care givers.


E-mail me or PM me, if you think I might be able to help you further. Best of luck and good health to you.

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