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What Vitamins are good for lc and what ones are bad?


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Darrell, just came in here and said that boost plus has beta-carotene in it, and that the oncologist said to stay away from extra beta-carotene. I don't remember him saying that, I do remember him saying stay away from something, but that was early on and my mind was all jumbled. He already takes a multi-vitamin, which also has beta carotene in it... Now I'm afraid he won't drink the boost.. Hes already had so much weight loss I'm afraid now he won't drink that.. Can anyone give me a good link to a site about this information on extra vitamins and whats bad for ones with lung cancer. What encourages growth? We've also read alot about sugar being bad. What do some of you take and what have your doctors told you about certain vitamins? Information needed? Thanks

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I would stay away from Beta Carotene. Everything I read says it's good for cancer, but NOT lung cancer. My mom is taking Ensure instead of Boost...I'll have to look to see if Ensure has Beta Carotene...I didn't even think to look at what it had in there.

I have my mom taking the following:

Vit B6

Calcium Citrate

Green Barley

1 Multi-vitamin a day


Vit E

Vit C



Noni Juice

I asked the doctor about vitamins and they balk at it...so now I just don't tell them. My goal is to aid in keeping my mom's immune system in tact as much as I can and to keep her hopeful. I keep telling her the Noni juice is going to be her miracle drug.

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Darrell, can't stand boost or ensure either... Maybe I need to buy carnation instant breakfast drinks... and mix with milk or something... Anyways thanks for your help...Anyone elses advice is welcomed! Christy

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I asked my onc about nutritional supplemets. He said, "A multivitamin is fine to take, just don't take in mega doses of anti-oxidents." The reason given was "it makes the chemo not as effective." Boost Plus is recommended with protein. You want anti-oxidents in your nutrition, just no extra supplements to counteract the chemo. I can so emphthize with your boyfriend. I have found puddings, grits, and oatmill to go down easy and stay down. First semi-solid foods I have been able to eat. Keep me posted!


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It is my understanding that beta carotene is good EXCEPT for smokers. If he smokes then he should avoid even the beta carotene in multiple vitamins. As far as antioxidants (vitamin E, etc), there is no proof, but a possibility they could help to protect the cancer cells as well and that's why they should be avoided if you are having cancer treatments. I think the carnation instant breakfast is a good idea, and cheaper too. Try adding ice cream for even more calories. Here's a site I really liked for info on supplements specifically related to lung cancer.

http://www.drugstore.com/templates/hnot ... rxp2=40706

Best of luck.


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