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long term use of Tarceva, looking for experiences

Annemarie Rima

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Let me introduce myself first. My name is Annemarie, my partner, Jeroen and I, are living together already for more than 30 years (since we were 17 years old, this year we are celebrating both our 50th birthday). We live in The Netherlands, in Maastricht. Last year in April we heard that Jeroen was suffering from NSCLC (ardenocarcinome) with metastases in his bones and brains. Of course our world colapsed. But Jeroen had the standard chemotherapy (4 times 4 weeks) and radiotherapy for his bones and brains and in September things looked a lot better. But after a months it became clear that the long tumor has grown again and he started with Tarceva end of November. In December it became clear that it worked very well!! The tumor was shrunken with 70% and since then the tumor is stabile and Jeroen is feeling great and has lots of energy. He has some acne, but he can cope with that. Tarceva is not yet registered in The Netherlands and the long doctors do not have much experience with it. Jeroen is now using Tarceva for 3 months. I would lie to have contact with people who are using Tarceva for a long period already. Some of you already used Tarceva for a year. How is that, are there any changes in the tumor or in the side-effects?. What did the doctors told you, can you keep on using Tarceva for the coming years? I am curious to read about your experiences. And of course, I hope Tarceva is working for you as well and have the same positive feeling as Jeroen has.

Best wishes,


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Hi Annemarie and welcome--

I have been on Tarceva for a year now. Got the rash at the beginning but it went away after a while. Did get diarrhea, had my dosage lowered to 100MG from 150MG and that took care of that. I have had very good results with it and will stay on it indefinitely. Also there is number you can call to ask questions if you go to there site (www.tarceva.com) and it's free. Hope this helps.


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Tarceva worked for John for quite awhile and he was on Iressa (which is similar) prior to that (see my profile). It is my understanding you can stay on it indefinitely as long as it is holding the cancer stable. I am so glad it is working for Jeroen. It is a miracle drug.



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I have been taking Tarceva for 11 months now and it has given me amazing results. It really has been a miracle drug for me and I wish you great results also. The side effects have tested my patience, but then again the results make it all worth it.


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