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Update on Thomas


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My beloved husband is doing good. He was in the hospital 2 weeks ago after falling at the oncologist office. He has been falling quite abit for the past 3 months now. It usually happens when he first get up from his recliner. His face would freeze and look like some form of seizure, it last for about 5 seconds and he is back to normal. I told his onc the first time it happened and he ordered brain MRI back in Dec. he was cleaned empty headed club official member. Anyway, the falls is still happening and the onc is not concerned and just said that it could be side effects of Carbo/Gemzar. 2 Weeks ago his urine was dark and his apetite was zero, onc asked him to come in for a complete work up. They asked for a urine sample and he fell right there in the bathroom with nurse in his back. She saw the whole expression I keep telling them, they panic and called 911. ER doc ordered Full body CT, results are good and he is clean in the Brain dept, though is gallstones are causing some disruptions once again. He was so dehydrated and was put on anti biotic. Anyway he was released home after 3 days with a new refreshed looked and feeling better. Thanks for lestening.

God bless us all. I hate this disease very much.

Love to all


Sorry I'm rambling, but I know this update is long overdue.

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Sounds like gallstones are causing some problems (dark urine, temp).

Sad to say, but it is sometimes necessary to be a noisy, annoying advocate. Keep at the doctors. Change doctors if you get no results.

You're doing a great job for Thomas. Keep it up. God helps those who help themselves - and I'll keep you in my prayers.

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To me it sounds like he was dehydrated. This is a problem when taking chemo. Drink , Drink , Drink. I don't mean liquor because that could dehydrate you more or coffee! I mean gatoraide, boost, encure etc. Hope he keeps that fluid up. Donna G

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Thanks for the update on your hubs. It is clear that your love for him and advocacy will see you through this. I am glad he is in the empty head club. That is at least one less worry. I agree tht he must drink good clean water and lots of it.

Much love and healing,


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I'm glad that Thomas seems to be doing so much better.

Bill has been taking in fluids daily since last year to make certain he flushes out any toxins to the kidneys. The nurses over at the infusion room kept drilling that home, constantly.

Truthfully, he isn't thirsty much of the time, but taking in the liquids (favorite is green tea, in his case) helps to keep him from dehydrating. Good, fresh water helps to keep away the build-up of chemicals.

You are a wonderful support for your husband. :) That is a blessing.


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Thank you for the ood news.

Hope all goes well.

Many people after treatment have trouble

changing position fast, like getting up

from sitting down, or turning fast, a good

way is to do it very slow at the start and

blood will have time to flow better and less




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