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Finding new friends, as Leslie said I would!


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Good day to all,

I have to say, Leslie tried to get me to come to this site for some time. She found much comfort from visiting with all of you. She told me it would help me too. Well, as stubborn as I am, I didn't listen to her (big dummy) and just continued on my merry way through the difficult time we shared. She actually got pissed at me for not showing interest. Well, now I understand, I am finding much comfort from many of you. With what I am experiencing now, I find coming here makes my day a little easier to cope with. I think Leslie is very happy I am here. I think a part of her is continuing to communicate with all of you through me. Coming here now I am finding new friends, great comfort and support.

I have experienced something with the loss of Leslie, that I could have never imagined. I thought that I would probably pass before Leslie, as she was so into taking care of herself. She had yearly check ups and always tried to exercise, eat right and generally look after her well being, mentally and physically. I on the other hand, maybe being typical of a man, ate whatever I wanted, Micky D's and the sort. I hate to exercise and hate going to the doctor. Yearly check ups were not part of my vocabulary.

So now that she has left, I am re-thinking my well being, my health, my mental status. I am trying to eat more salad, with cucumbers that I don't like. Leslie would always put them in my salad. Of course I ate them, but like a kid, with an amount of complaining. Well, I bought a cucumber the other day, and lettuce, the healthy kind, because I know she want's me to eat healthy. I am trying to, but still fall back of bad stuff. I hear her in my head saying "c'mon Mark, you know better".

I have a question for all; has any of you ever tried to have a gathering, like a family reunion? I can imagine you may have. I figured I'd inquire. I think it would be a incredible time to be able to get together as many as possible, and meet somewhere in the middle of the country. Spring and summer is coming. I'd so enjoy meeting with many of you. I think it would be good for our souls.

Well, just wanted to talk to you all. Today, this moment I am ok. The sun is shining. I had a rough day yesterday. I may again today. But I know I'll make it. I hope tomorrow I am ok, cause I have to try getting back into the work mode. I have a wonderful career in wind power. I am pround to say I work with an industry that does not contribute to cancer causing elements. No pollutants what so ever. That I am proud of.

Hope to hear back from many of you. If anyone needs to talk about anything, I am here. I have experience now with loss, an experience I rather not have learned. But if I can help relieve others pain in greif, that will make my experience worth it all.

All my best to everyone,


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Oh Mark a Get Together Bash is Great. I had one at my house last year, but I only had it for my In person Lung Cancer Support group here in Minnesota.

I was thinking of combining it with LCSC, but I wasn't really feeling all that great and didn't know if I could handle a lot of wonderful friends.

As it was, I had 26 people at my last years bash and we had a ball.

I would LOVE to have the chance to give and recieve lots of Warm and Gentle Hugs. :wink:

I'm glad your comfy with us. I hope you'll hang out with us for a while. ((((MARK)))))

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Hey Mark ~

It IS a pretty incredible group of folks, huh? Glad you decided to hang out. 8)

I'll bet Leslie was tickled to see you choke that cuke down... (and you know, she IS watching :wink: ) I can almost feel her grinning right along with me...

I think your idea for a gathering would be awesome. Maybe a "dedication", of sorts, when Leslie's garden is completed? Or a good ol' fashioned summertime BBQ thing. I have been tossing around an idea for awhile now - something along the lines of a Grand Canyon hike for LC Awareness. Although weather being what it is in this part of the country, it would have to happen in either the Fall, or next Spring. My thought was that it could also serve as an opportunity for many to meet...?

Anyway, Mark, I wish you continued healing, happier days, (and LOTS of vegetables :lol::lol::wink: )


BTW - COOL job! Wish we had more facilities like that around our state. Between the sun & wind, we have alot of untapped alt. fuel resources in this region. Yet, AZ houses the nation's largest nuke generating station... :roll:

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Yep...you can even get an "I told you so" from the great beyond. You still continue to try and make her happy, which shows how deep your love is!

When I was in Austria, there was a huge wind-power area near where we stayed. I lvoed watching those big suckers! WE are developing our wind power here in OK (we have LOTS of blow hards here, you know :wink: ), so keep up the good work!

Neat idea to get together. It's funny to meet up with others, when you are so used to 'seeing' them as avatars.

You have a great attitude of taking it day by day and hour by hour. Hope the rest of your day is good. Take care!

:) Kelly

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Leslie was so smart. Before she left, she set you up with this site and for this, I'm grateful as she would have been.

What a beautiful woman. Keep one foot in front of the other. As hard as it is, she was so selfless and she would want you to carry on. I hope you are able to do this. We so loved Leslie....

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