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Getting to Know You - February 27


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Thats funny Ginney as I just did that.

I clip them out put them in my pocketbooks, forget to use them then throw out the crumbled ones, just like you.

Then it seems when I go to use one, they won't accept it becasue it says "on two". I never buy two.

Maryanne :wink:

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I used to be a big time coupon clipper but rarely use them anymore. It used to seem like I would clip them and then never had them with me when I needed them. Like Ginny, I do clip the department store coupons. They really come in handy when I can use them on an item that's on sale.

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Used to faithfully collect coupons, eventually my wallet would bulge and I'd toss out all the out of date ones. Start over and toss later.

Finally realized that I never used them (never was a quick study) so now I don't even look at them.

That portion of the weekend paper isn't touched by me, however my husband has a great time telling me all about the bargains........too bad he has no idea what I actually buy!!


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I only clip them if it's brands I buy - and THEN, I wait for the item to go on sale so I can get a loaf of garlic bread for $.25. Sure wish the special dog food I have to buy for the allergy prone dog would come with a 25% off coupon!

...and now that I'm not buying diapers, I see coupons for 'em every week! Geesh...

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I am so bad with coupons. I have never bothered to clip a coupon because I know that when I went shopping I'd forget to take the coupon with me, or when I have the coupon, I wouldn't be able to get to the store that day. It is just the way I am.

I'm even terrible when it comes to gift certificates. I never remember to use them, or have them with me when I am at the store, and when I have the certificates handy, I can't find or think of anything to buy. I have 3 gift certificates in my purse right now one from October 2001, one from December 2003 and one from September 2004.

I'm just too disorganized for that kind of stuff. Can't they just deposit the money in my account for me?

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