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Need TWO passes....


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Ok, so I'm going to ask for two hall passes effective this coming Friday.

The first one I need is a long darned trip pass. Maybe a carseat shaped pass? I'm not sure... I've got a five day trip with the kidlet in my car and Dad caravanning in another vehicle. We haven't decided where the cat is riding..... Please pray for good weather and clear mountain passes and easy traffic in the cities! I hate driving!!!!

And the second one I need is a "Do not Disturb" pass.... because once we get back WA, it will only be a few short days before my dear husband is back on land and in our arms.

I'll be here the rest of the week... And after that my heart will be even if my posts aren't. I'll be back when life settles and we have internet again



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I am SO excited for you, Val!!!!! Good weather is on tap, for SURE! Hope you have one of those little Cheerio containers. They are GREAT for car rides!!!! And ya know......I miss ya already! Please check the mail each day this week. If nothing is there, I hope someone is taking care of it until Dad gets home. Then he is going to have to mail it AGAIN! Hope I got it timed right!



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From your posts I can tell this has been a hard time on you being without your husband and the loss of your Mom. So glad to hear he will be coming home soon so you can spend some family time together and he will be there to lean on when you need him.



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Oh Val...this is such good news! I am so very happy for you and little Carolyn. I know you can't wait to be wrapped in the safe, loving arms of your husband! This is just the best news ever!!!

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