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Doing the 'happy dance'


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Hi kids...good news for me today....Doctor's office just called Pet/Scan results are in..."NEGATIVE"....Thank you Jesus!!!!

I am seeing the surgeon on Mar20 and was scheduled for a chest exray before then ...I called his office to see if I still have to take one...he cancelled the chest exray because he already got the results from the Pet....Wheww!!!

Hope all is well with everyone and everyone has good news today...still praying every day and night for a cure...and praying for us all...

Wanted to mention...I heard on the news and wondered if anyone else did....they are "this" close to finding a cure for many cancers but the average person would not be able to afford it...It would cost about $100,000 a year....Isn't that just fine and dandy....AND THE FREAKING GOVERMENT would allow that???????????....


Ok gonna go read some posts...have a great day everyone...hugs PamS.

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Also, where did your hear the news about a cure. I'd like to read it, if possible. $100,000 whew, that's crazy. But, if it was a possibility, I'd do it. I wouldn't care if I had to get 3 jobs, sell my body on the streets and my organs on the black market. All would be worth it to come home to my Keith.

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Hey kids ...thanks for the reply's...love you guy's...

Cindi...I am heading to the pub...make mine vodka tonic with lemon...please no lime...but just one...the second one makes me 'cocky locky'.... :)

Carleen...I pm'd you...and thank you so much for the darling penquin's doing the happy dance...they made my day..

they are too cute...

see ya guy's...PamS./

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