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In their heaven...

gerbil runner

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The comment Patkid made about my mom teaching Brian to sing made me think.

What would your loved one be doing in heaven?

I'll start. My mom would be in the vocal choir, the bell choir, maybe checking out the guitar section. She'd dabble with the piano. She'd be the one telling the new musicians that they can do it!

Mom would look up her family members, of course. She'd straighten out her relationship with her mother, and tell everyone about Patrick. She'd be cooking a big meal - someone else will clean up after, since this is heaven. They'd play cards after the meal.

There would be lots of laughter and joking. Mom would be showing off her sense of the ridiculous.

Later on, she'd visit the artists. She'd draw and paint, maybe sculpt. Knitting, with someone else to sew the pieces together. Soap making, jewelry making, ornament making would all get their turn.

Of course, the library would be another favorite place. Imagine all of eternity to get to all those books...

Mom would have questions for God, and would have no problem asking.

Can't forget her fishing spot - where she could sit and look down on earth while she's fishing, to keep an eye on all of us.

There would be no shoes in Mom's heaven. Lots of chocolate. Since her body would be young again, she'd play a little tennis, do a little biking like when I was a kid.

Iggy, our family dog, would be right near her. Mom would give him gift-wrapped bones so everyone could laugh at him shredding the paper off, like he did every Christmas.

Just like on earth, Mom would never run out of things to do, people to see. Eternity will suit her just fine.

So...what is your loved one up to in heaven?

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If I know my Dad he is probably playing golf. Before my Dad got sick he would play golf every Tuesday with his 2 brothers and a Friend. He couldn't wait to get better so he could get back out there on Tuesdays,unfortunately that never happened..

Back on 9/4/01 (the tuesday before 9/11) my Dad got a hole in one he was so happy (and shocked) he talked about that hole in one until he died.

We put the golf ball in his hand in his casket so he could take it with him..


Dad Dx 04-01-05

passed away 11-18-05 only 66 years old :cry::wink:

I Love You Dad! Miss you forever!

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I like this thread. I find it comforting.

Brian looked forward to being able to sing. I know he is praising God with music.

He has found his pets.........especially his cocker and my adopted, abused poodle.......toby and pogo.

He has rounded up all the 'car guys'.

He has Bill teaching him about scuba diving and Harleys with some additional motorcycle insight from Don.

He has found my sister, Nancy and told her, again, how much he loved the fact that marrying me gave him siblings, at last.

He has found and roundly hugged his dad.

Wendy's husband Bruce and Brian are laughing about the pill bottle they shared.

He got to meet Bob, who was from IL, too.

I think he and Addie are especially huggy because she and I have the same birthday and he thought that was so cool.

He was excited to meet DeanCarl and tell him how much the talk about Rainbow Bridge comforted him.

I bet Dave C is accompanying BellRinger and Brian in the music dept.

I think he is happy dancing w/ BetPlace. She was our first loss after we joined the forum and we both cried.

He has found JustaKid and told her that she is, indeed, just a kid and that he is helping her watch out for her youngsters mourning her.

He is keeping his arms around Fay as she nears her death. He respects her so much.

He is watching us and reminding us not to take ourselves too seriously and to remember that this earthly life is but a blink of an eye and that we can never imagine how wonderful our eternal Home is.

I am not done................

But I have to go..............I will write more.

Here's the thought that really cracks me up like Humpty Dumpty: He and Mutty (Bunny's Grandfather are singing 'you are my sunshoine' as loudly as they can hoping that Bunny never forgets how she lights up this time on earth for those of us lucky enough to love her.

More soon.

Thanks for listening and for the warm warm thoughts and peaceful feeling this evoked in me.

I really needed it.



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My Earl would be puttering, a little fix here, a little adjustment there.

He would be smiling and those beautiful blue eyes would be twinkling.

He would be sitting silently if his beloved Eagles were doing poorly, but be screaming wildly if they are doing well.

He would sit at the head of the table at a family dinner, or friend dinner party, regaling all with his funny stories and pouring just a bit too much wine for all.

He will be solving all of God's computer problems, acting like they were much more difficult than they were.

He would be kind to all who cross his path, and generous of his time to help all who ask.

But, mostly he will be patiently waiting for me, because he misses me as much as I miss him.

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I know my Dad would be splitting his time between playing golf and playing hockey. He would be playing hockey with Herb Brooks again, just like when he was a young boy. I'm sure he watched the Olympic hockey games with Herb. He also would have met up with all his golf buddies that went before him. He loved to play golf, he would play 4 or 5 times a week before he got sick.

I'm sure he is also spending time with his brothers and parents. The whole family is together again, they are all free from sickness and depression. He is telling them all about my kids, and how much he loved spending time with them.

Sometimes I wonder if my Dad can see us down here. I bet he is wondering why we are so sad when he is in such a wonderful place.


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My mom would be dancing the black bottom and the Charleston. She was always dancing. Even up to the end in her wheelchair.

In the retirement home she was known as the dancer. They my not remember names but you say Helen the dancer and they instantly knew who she was.

She danced he way to heaven... my dad is there watching her with adoring eyes like he always did.

Miss you guys.. so much.


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My Dad has a couple of beagles sharing his house in heaven. He probably lives next door to my Uncle Otti...and the two of them get into all kinds of comical trouble each day. I'm sure they do a lot of hunting deer and rabbits up there and I know my Dad watches A LOT of Wheel of Fortune! And of course, it's breaded venison, mashed potatoes and gravy every day. Forget the vegetables!

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I'm sure she has been busy visiting with her parents, my dads parents, my BIL, and all the other relatives. It says in the the Bible that He prepars a mansion for us, so if I know my mom she is busy redecorating and gardening. She always was a home body here so I don't think she would be off exploring the universe. She would just be happy taking care of here home and those around her, talking to the Lord and probably giving Him a few suggestions on how to run things.

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My Mom would be finding the biggest amusement park with the biggest roller coaster and making everyone go on it with her, she would be smiling and laughing and joking as she always did. Then she would find her cocker spaniel Charlie and cuddle up for a while. And while doing all that she would still find time each day to let me feel her arms wrapped around me keeping me safe and warm and loved.

My Grandma and Grandpa are probably playing yatzee.lol Or amaybe just cuddling and kissing, they were always doing that.

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I'm sure my Dennis is making new friends like crazy. He's such a nice and friendly guy and always has attracted people like a magnet. I'm sure he's buddies with all the folks from our message board that are enjoying heaven with him.

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My Dad would have been overjoyed to see Mom again. I can see them dancing again the way they used to when we were kids. Mom is jitterbugging around the floor and Dad takes a break to play the harmonica, "The Love of God" or "On Top of Old Smoky."

Dad spends many hours fishing and shooting the breeze with Mom's father, Shorty. By now he's found his beloved father and told him how much he missed him all these years. And I imagine he and his cousin Jeff are tearing up the racetracks with self-built cars.

Mom and Dad are loving being with their grandson, Conan, who is finally able to see and speak and run like the other children.

Mom has reunited with her parents and grandparents, completing the circle the way Great-Grandma wanted. And Mom, in true fashion, is making friends with everyone she meets.

Finally, Mom and Dad are at peace in a place where they feel nothing but love.


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My father would be sitting in his little boat relaxing, with his fishing pole in the waters of Heaven, listening to a radio and having a beer.

He has several dogs from my growing up years, he loved them all.

He is especially happy right now for he is

busy showing his mother the ropes. She joined him in Heaven just last month and I know he was the first to greet her.


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What a great post...

My mom is shopping with no restrictions or worries. She is talking and laughing with my Grandma. They are oohing and ahhing over seeing Peter Jennings, Marilyn Monroe, Christopher Reeves and others. Anne, I think my mom and Dennis have met as my mom was a social magnet too...I'm sure they have run into each other by now. Mom and my grandma are having big lunches with all the family members. Her dogs King Kong and Rodier are by her side. They are so happy to see her again. My mom is telling stories... really exagerrated ones and then laughing really really loud at herself. :cry: I miss my mom.

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I had to answer this one because now I have 2 that I know what they are doing.

Johnny is writing songs and singing with the angels. He is looking after all of the pets and children. Once in a while he has a few beers and has a crowd of people around because he loves people so much that they are attracted to him.

And despite everything I believe that he was one of the first to welcome Denis. He is showing him around and they are both finding ways to look after me and my family.

Denis has finally gotten to be first with his mom and that makes him happy and he has found our dear friend Harry

they catching red fish one after another. He is looking down on the children and grandchildren trying to find a way to ease their pain and trying to help me understand all of the emotions that I have to deal with. He was with us at the 2 mardi gras parades urging us on to enjoy it and catch him some daloons.

I can only say I pray to God this is right. I need so much right now to believe.

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