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chest ct scan

Don M

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So...I get to see the outcome of my latest chest ct scan tomorrow. I called the oncologist's office today to make sure the report was in the office and the receptionist said it was there...and she said "the doctor saw your report and wants to make sure you come in tomorrow" duh..what is that supposed to mean?

Now I am going to have to go to my PCPs office and get a copy of the report today so that I won't have to wonder about it until tomorrow.

The oncologist's office is rather stuffy about giving reports to the patient before the doctor sees them. I ususally don't get excited about these things, but the receptionist's comment set off alarm bells...oh well.

Don M

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Is she young and new at her job? If not she has no excuse for being so thoughtless.

A word in your onc's ear might just stop someone else from the same sort of worry that you're going through right now.

Sorry you've been subjected to this extra dose of concern......cancer patients have enough worries about scans to begin with.

Hoping for the best results.


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Oh brother!!! I am really mad at the receptionist. How rude. Sometimes I think some of staff like to play those little jokes on some of the patients. Like power and control or something. Grrrr.

Hang in there, Don. I get my news tomorrow late afternoon from the scan I had the first of the month. Thank God no one called me to tell me I needed to be there!

It is a hard wait. You are not alone. Let's check on each other tomorrow, okay?

Cindi o'h

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Hi Don, This receptionist is a ditz and I can see how she scared you, but she doesn't know any better.

You know, I think the whole procedure currently in place for getting our test results is inhumane. Really, I know my doctors aren't sadists, but this waiting for test results is mental torture. It is just plain cruel. There's got to be a better way. They should be faxing results to us immediately or something. But I rant…

Don, I hope the results are good news. :) Barb

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Don, keep in mind, you called them. He probably just wants you there, because he's a busy man and he set time aside for you. If it was something bad, I would guess they would have called you to confirm your appointment...

Regardless, good luck tomorrow, we'll be thinking of you!

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