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Sorry - Another Question About Tarceva


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:?: Hi all -

I kind of touched on this with my last posting "Tarceva Side Effects" and I got some opinions.

The doctor has not told us that my mother is in remission. All that has been said is that all of the "hot spots" are "resolved" and the tumor does not show "hot" on the PET scan, has shrunk by over 40%, and the activity of the tumor is consistent with fibroitic or scar tissue activity and is termed "nearly resolved." I know it is good news and I just keep hoping and praying that it really is gone.

The doctor encouraged her to take the Tarceva anyway even though he said the "standard of care" is to just do nothing and get periodic scans. He said that there isn't enough information about whether the Tarceva will really help at this point but it he kind of implied it may kill off or suppress any remaining cells that are present. Any opinions?

I am concerned because of the posting I read in the "Ask the Experts" section in which some doctors believe that taking Tarceva now might make new cells resistant in the future. I might email that doctor, too, but I wanted to know what you veterans think about it.

Finally, what does NERD or NED stand for?

Thanks so much and God Bless you all! Meghan

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Only question I can answer: NED means "No Evidence of Disease". NERD is a more fun "No Evidence of Recurring Diesease." If I have that wrong, I'm sure someone can correct me.

As for the rest--I really don't know. My Mom will, most likely, be on Tarceva for the rest of her life. She is 'stable' right now, and we're OK with that.

I hope you take the time to dance in the streets and sing in public, over such great news about your Mom!

:) Kelly

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:) Thanks Kelly - We definately need to dance in the streets and scream it from the rooftops but I think we still remain cautiously optomistic. Haven't quite got to the point of elation yet. Wish we could. Others seem to celebrate for us. It has been such a difficult year.


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