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I should have come here first to introduce myself!


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:) Greetings to all -

I should have come here first to introduce myself but I have made a few postings over the last few days in the NSCLC section. I have been a "lurker" for some time and have received great comfort and information from all of you. Hopefully, once I sign out on this note, it will include my little history of my experience with lung cancer which has been because my mother is battling it for the second time. (I added it to my signature line so we'll see.)

My mother's latest scans have come out very well so I guess I feel like I can breath again (first time since last April) and probably why I had the emotional fortitude to write in.

Thank you all for your months of support that you didn't even know that you have been giving me. I hope that I can provide support to those already here and those (unfortunately) who are yet to come.

God Bless you all! Meghan :)

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Welcome Megan, So glad you came out from the shadows and decided to post. It it so rewarding when we hear from people we did not know existed who says we helped them cope.

The only problem with our lurkers is, we don't know who they are and we want to help and give prayers and support.

I hope others will join us also.

So glad your mom had good news. She has been through so much that this is such a relief!

Take care and again, glad to meet you.

Maryanne :wink:

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I'm so glad you've joined in.

Your Mom is one heck of a fighter AND inspiration.

I hope the Tarceva works as good for her as it has for so many here on the board.

I hope to see you here often. Please keep us posted on your Mom.

Warm Hugs,


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