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another update


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Went to see the onc yesterday,she swears the chemo didnt cause my rectal bleeding.white count is now2.4

was0.7.wants to do 2nd treatment next monday.a little worried.

hair is falling out big time.my part is about an inch wide now so my son is going to shave my head tonight.Oh God.How do us women cope with being bald?


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Sorry things aren't going so great for you right now. I'm saying prayers things will improve quickly. I have to honestly tell you that some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen have been completely bald. When there is no hair to distract from their beautiful eyes and facial features, a womans true beauty shines. Hey...hats are really in right now. Take advantage and be stylish!!!

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Hi Marie,

I wore wigs when I lost my hair. A few of my "friends" thought I was being vain. I believe it was someone from this board who said exactly what I felt about it. I wore a wig to simply feel more 'normal'...that's all. I KNEW I was not like everbody who was cancer free.....but I wnated to at least LOOK like them. Some choose no head wear at all. Different strokes for different folks. Just remember to keep your eye on the prize.....being CANCER FREE. Hair is replacable!!!! I am still here rooting for you, Marie.


P.S. Hair in avatar.....WIG!!!! Looks good, huh?

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As ready as I thought I was for my hair falling out, the day I could pull it out in clumps was devasting.

then I took an ATIVAN :wink: really I did

My wig and I never, ever bonded. I have a very large head, and was extremely limited in choices. I spent an exhorbinant (sp) an=mount of money on hats, but I adored them. And bought lots of really cute earrings.

My theory was--I may feel like hell, but I'm going to look good.

Men don't hide their heads--why should we? go for it.


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