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Getting to Know You - February 28


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You know, I had the opportunity to meet up with one guy I dated in high school and backed out. I think too many changes had occured in my life and I wasn't that high school girl anymore. About a year after Dennis died, he called me. We talked on the phone and exchanged email messages. I could see that the attraction was long gone. But...I do know of a few couples that have reunited after many years and are the happiest they have ever been.

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I too ran into my high school 'sweetheart' a few years ago. Earl and I were out for dinner and he was there for a high school reunion. It was very strange, he and Earl were both wearing dark green sport shirts, khaki pants and blue blazers.

But I digress, I was not one iota attracted to him anymore. He admitted to dying his hair (I have no idea why he told us) but that just turned me off more.

BTW, Earl looked much better in that outfit.

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I doubt if that could happen in my life as my wife was the first and only Girl i absolutely went bananas over. And for year's we would often discuss different people we knew who got divorced and we'd just laugh and say that we knew darn well nobody else would be able to tolerate living with either one of us. I could see having a good Lady friend just to do different thing's with but nothing too serious....

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My father and mother knew each other as children. My mother and her family moved to Florida, my father and his family (poor and one of 18 children) stayed in PA. My dad met and became engaged to a woman named Maxine and they were together through high school and planned to marry after high school. However WW2 called and off my father went. While on leave he ended up in florida and found my mother (Mary) again. He fell for her and broke things off with Maxine to pursue and eventually marry my mother. After the war they came back to PA and lived. My mom became ill shortly after I was born (the youngest) in her 30's. My dad adored her and took care of her till she passed away at 56. At the same time (actually within a week of each other) Maxine's huband passed away as well. Although they didn't know each other during this time as they had lost touch with each other. Mutual friends reunited the two and after about a year of dating, married. Maxine became the grandmother to my children and loved and cared for my father till he passed away a couple of months ago (he was in his 80's) they had a wonderful relationship and I was blessed by her very much.

I love the fact that they found there way back to each other again.


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Oh, heavens NO! :shock:

I may be a slow learner, but I do learn from my mistakes. There's a reason I didn't stick with the boy.

Geesh..the idea gives me shivers! I'm very thankful to God that he sent Matt my way instead, to show me how a person should really be treated.

:) Kelly

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