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Here's the March babies among us...does that make jimben a lion and Fran a lamb? also accompanied by their cake preferences...Kasey wants to know if someone can PLEASE share with Ry!?

March 1 ~ jim (jimben) ~ banana cream pie with thick meringue topping

March 3 ~ Rochelle (Ry) ~ guess she wants NO cake...didn't specify

March 9 ~ Tina (tnmynatt) ~ yellow cake with chocolate icing

March 12 ~ Alisa (Alisa) ~ chocolate cake with cheese cake swirls running through it with vanilla and chocolate icing

March 12 ~ Gail (gail) (THE BIG 5-0!) ~ double chocolate cake

March 13 ~ Shar (Shar) ~ cheesecake

March 13 ~ Mike (bauner95) ~ Grandma's strawberry cake

March 15 ~ Lucie (Don Wood) ~ anything chocolate

March 16 ~ Fran, T-Bones's sister (Teacake) ~Aunt Frances' lemon cheese cake with white layers OR Mama's coconut cream cake OR Mrs. Wise's caramel cake with white layers OR Aunt Vera's coconut cake (even grated the coconut)

Every birthday is a victory! Congratulations, all of you, and happy birthday!!!



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