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Angela's surgery


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It's official. Angela sailed through her surgery and is now a one lunger!!!! I congratulated her on her new special status and made sure she knew the good company she will be keeping!

Believe me, she was up and walking around on the second day. When I have spoken to her on the phone she doesn't sound short of breath at all. Spirits are good. Snowflakes'A to Z was downloaded, and a pillow and spirometer are her new companions.

She had asked me to thank everyone for their kind thoughts before surgery. She'll be online soon!


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That's wonderful news Kathy. Thanks SO much for updating us on Angela! I'm a one lunger also, so I know just what she's dealing with.

She'll be fine! :wink: Give her my best, and tell her we'll be here when she's up to posting.


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Tell her to keep her feet up and the movies on!!!

She has a young one doesn't she? I found in my recoveries to rest during the day so I could be a "mom" when he got home from school. We then could have a semi-normal evening.


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I'm a one-lunger too.

There are a bunch of us here so she will be able to ask lots of questions and get lots of support.

She will be just fine and has many interesting surprises in store as her "inerds" shift around in the coming months. Nothing scary just different.

She needs to recoup and breathe deep... keep us posted.


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So happy to hear that surgery went well for Angela. I know you are so very relieved. Yes, we can always count on our Becky Snowflake for lots of good information.

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