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Some of you may remember me talking about a nodule on my CT a few weeks back. Oncologist told me it could be anything from scar tissue to an infection.

Went to pulmonary doctor on Wednesday of last week for a broncoscopy. Thursday I started chilling bad. Temp was 100.5. Talked to Pulmonary doctor on Friday... my doctor was not in so talk with one on call. He said probably flu since I had no other symptons but if I needed to he would meet me at ER. Still toughed it out and decided to go to ER on Monday. Felt this was faster then getting an appt and such. By now my temp was 102.

ER doctor determined I had pneumonia. Also stuck that thing up my nose to check for flu. Believe that to be the worst test since dx. Anyway I am home with an antibodic plus the IV antibodic at ER. Never was one to run to doctor but I think from now on if temp reaches 100.5 I will go. Temp is down to around 99 today but still miserable.

My question to each of you is this... How do we keep from getting the flu or pneumonia besides staying indoors and hybernating for the winter. I don't go out much except to mailbox and occasional trip to store etc. I have had flu shot and pneumonia shot. How do the rest of you avoid this situation?

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Well Bruce, I became a hermit for the first 2-1/2 years of being a LC survivor and after living in fear those two+ years I said Screw it, I'll take my chances. And I did get nasty colds during those first 2-1/2 years. Well, I went through 4-1/2 years of colds, and bronchitis several times, and went on and off antibiotics each and every time. I also had the flu shot and still do get the flu shot every hear, and the pneumonia shot and I still got colds and bronchitis, and just last week and weekend I had the stomach flu with very nasty cramps. :x

We can run but we can't hide from every little bug that's out there. I can't kick my family out of the house or friends, for fear they will bring the bug home, so I just said, I'll take my chances. :roll::wink:

Besides, all lung cancer patients are very susceptible to pneumonia, colds, flu. Our immune systems aren't what they use to be. :roll: The new NORM!!


Please take a minute and post that in the NODULE FORUM! :wink:

Get Well Soon Buddy! This too shall pass!


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Glad you got the antibiotics and are taking care of that pneumonia..

As you know, I work in a call center and have contact with upwards of 450 people daily during busy season, 300 during "non peak" periods. Sometimes, the floor sounds like a sick ward with people hacking away. If I thought about the amount of germs flying around that place, I would never get out from under the covers. But the bills need to get paid..

I guess the answer is what the others have written, keep hand wipes for your hands, etc. Other than that, what I have found is the only preventive measure is to run to the doctor as soon as I start to feel sick. I don't mess around anymore with slight fevers or colds. I want to head off everything at the pass, and not give any 'bug' a chance to settle in on my less than perfect immune system.

Hope you feel better Bruce day by day. If the antibiotics don't help, you know a trip to Dollywood is just what the doctor ordered. :roll::lol:

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Last year about this time, the people here at work moved a pregnant woman with two grammar-school age children at home in my small office with me. She had a cold the entire six months she was here. She said she got it from her kids and would not take anything for it because she was pregnant.

As a result of handling the same things with her all day long, not to mention the sneezing and coughing, I was sick three times in that six month period, to the extent of a cough, cold, miserable thing that lasted for at least two weeks every time.

She left in early October and I haven't been sick since. Just shows me what role exposure to people who are sick plays in getting these things. I don't have any solutions but I think what everybody else said--handwashing, etc. is about all you can do.


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Hi Bruce,

Those antibiotics will start to kick in soon. And hopefully you will start to feel better. I just got over pneumonia and the flu about two weeks ago myself. I was really sick couldn't hardly get out of the bed. I missed about a week and half of work. This was the first time I have been sick since I was dx. So I guess it was just my turn.

When I was first dx. I sick with pneumonia for about a month. I didn't think I was ever going to get over it.

Drink plenty of fluids and try to eat a little something. I know it's hard but try.

As for advoiding these illness I don't think there is really away to do this. Best possible advice is what others have already said wash our hands. But sometimes that doesn't work.

Best Wishes,


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Bruce, I am soooo glad that you went to the ER (even if they stuck that thing up your nose) BUMMER.

Get better very, very soon. Pneumonia is not a thing we need to play with.

As far as preventive measures are concerned. The pulmonary therapist that I have much confidence in told me to get some saline solution and squeeze some up the nostrils. She said that it prevents disease and if you have disease that it will help shorten the course of the illness. Sure enough, now I see it here and there on medical news blurbs that it is valid. I bought some and use it every other day or three. Called "Ocean". It makes me gag, but also immediately takes me back to my body surfing days at Makapu'u beach on Oahu!


Cindi o'h

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You do the best you can.

This fall was the first time I got through a cold without antibiotics.

I got through several smaller bugs too.

I live with an elementary schooler, who fortunately is better about handwashing.

First year would take me 2 -3 weeks to get over a cold, with antibiotics.

Third year took me a whole week.

Now I usually need less than 3 days or so.

You do get stronger in some ways.

The new normal continues to change....

my immune system is coming up, but the fibrosis from radiation in my shoulder and chest continues to restrict my arm range of motion, unless I get out there and STRETCH!! with the pulley.

I'ts a moving target, but it's getting better.

Chin up,



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If the antibiotics don't help, you know a trip to Dollywood is just what the doctor ordered.

It won't be long now until the park opens. However, I think that I may skip Dollywood this summer and head somewhere else. Might even go take a peak at the ocean. :wink:

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I wash my hadns a lot. I also keep a bottle of rubbing alcohol around. I don't know it it does any good, but I eat a lot of echinacea if I am exposed to a cold. I don't take flu or pneumonia shots. I have had one cold in the last 3 years. I am pretty much a homebody since I retired last October. I have been exposed to colds from my kids and grandson.

Don M

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