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Update for March 2nd


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Hi all,

This is a very quick update. Got in not long ago. Today was not a good day. Mike's cancer is progressing. His tumor is growing into the bronchial tube now and blocking air. The radiation oncologist put radiation seeds in the tumor today in hopes of relief. The pulmonologist suctioned puss and infection out, but Mike still can't breathe well. We hope the radiation will help him breathe better soon, but it is in no way a cure. It is only a "palliative" measure. I will write again soon.

God Bless you all,


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Thank you all so very much, especially dear, Tina for the glimmer of hope you send my way. Mike is just struggling for breath, can hardly talk and eat .

Tina, how fast did it work. The radiation oncologist says it starts to work in days and can possibly get rid of the entire blockage by the time he is rechecked in 3 weeks. He emphasized that this is not a cure, but said he felt very good about the procedure he did on Mike today. Not being able to breathe sucks!!!!!

This can't work fast enough. I love him and find myself paralyzed with fear and emotion right now. Have to leave in about an hour and I feel I can't move forward. All of my family needs all of you now. Thank you for being there for us.



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Please know that I, like so many others here, are thinking of you and praying for you and Mike. Try to keep us posted if it doesn't interfere with your time with Mike.

Much love,

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