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Dreaming of Dad


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The past week I have been dreaming of my Dad but not in a good way. I'm dreaming that he going to Die but it always a different. For example it's alway a different Hospital a different Doctor that's telling us the news I feel like every morning when I wake up I just relived the nightmare. I wake up and my whole body is shaking and I got the dry heaves its not pleasant. My sister dreams of him when he was healthly.

Anyone else having these crazy dreams?

Thanks Michele

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I had these crazy, mixed up dreams for about three months after Dennis died. Nothing in the dreams seemed to make sense but they were all sad. I would wake up completely drained, as if I had really lived through all of these terrible things. Most of them involved Dennis' illness and treatment. I think this was just my mind not being able to stop thinking about treatment and the illness. Rest assured that the bad dreams will soon turn into beautiful ones!!!

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I've had a lot of dreams of my mother being with me in normal life, but dead. Walking around, talking and laughing, but dead. She knew she was dead (I'd always ask her), and I would worry about how long she could stay, and how would she get "back".

The dreams were somewhat distressing, but they have lessened with time.

Your mind is struggling to come to terms with your loss, and dreams are part of that. They need to be expressed, just like tears.

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Hi Michelle,

I have had a lot of really bad dreams of my Mom like she cannot breathe or she is in pain and I cant help her. It was very upsetting. Finally , last night , I dreampt I was looking for her and I opened a door and she said Im right here. That was it but Im hoping it means she is right here. Would be nice to have good dreams.


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