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introducing myself


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My name is June. I have learned a lot from this site -- especially about Tarceva.

In August 2005 I was dz with COPD. Started o2 24/7 October '05 and during a biopsy of right lung in Nov. '05 Stage 1B lung cancer was found. Lobectomy was performed and I was told cancer had not spread to lymph nodes. As an adjuvant therapy -- I opted to undergo 4 chemo treatments after surgery -- Dr. said I'd have a better prognosis. Breathing got progressive worse during chemo. In February '06 2 wks after final chemo treatment--had bronchoscopy and was dz with Stage 4 lung cancer in both lungs. Started on Tarceva Feb 06. Was told chemo nor radiation would work for me. Will get 2nd opinion 3/3/06. Am 61 years old and live in Northern California.

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Hi June,

First I wanted to welcome you.

You're right, there is so much information on this site in regards to Tarceva. My Mom was on it for a short time and I remember reading every post I could, hoping to learn as much as possible. Are you still on the Tarceva now?

I was also wondering what the first chemo that produced the SOB for you??

You are on the right track getting an appointment set up for a second opinion.

I'm praying that your next appointment will bring a MUCH better outlook and you'll get a new plan in place. Good luck on Friday and let us know how you're doing.

Warm Hugs,


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June, what a horrible nightmare!!! :shock: I am so sorry for what you are going through. From being diagnoised 1B having an operation, told it did not spread, going through adjunctive chemo and now you are stage 4 in both lungs. How the he ll did that happen???? :twisted:

I pray the Traveca does the trick. There are many here who are on Traveca and it is working well.

Please keep us posted on your progress. We are always here for you to vent or if you need support.

Glad you posted, now I can send you out prayers.


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June -

Welcome. I am sorry that the road has been so rocky. Praying that you Tarceva will help you immensely -- I am glad you found all of us -- you will receive much support.

Where is Northern CA do you live?


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Hi June, sorry you had to find us but glad you did. I don't have any answers for you but there are plenty of people on here that will. I am in So Ca and have a sister that lives in Santa Clara. Welcome aboard, and let us know what we can do to help you.


Nancy B

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Hi June: how the he ll did that happen indeed. the pre operative patholgy should have found late stage disease. Anyway, getting a second opinion is a good idea. There are many drugs beside tarceva that can help. I have heard of using tarceva in combo with a standard mix such as carboplatin/gemzar for first line treatment. Welcome.

Don M

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Did the doctors say why chemo won't work for you?

How would you know if you haven't tried?

Is it because of COPD? and they are concern with side effects? Please do change oncologist. The are

plenty of options, especially with someone who started out with Stage 1B.

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