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Tim's CT results


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Hi all,

Although I was praying and wishing for more, we got a stable result from the CT scan this week. The oncologist said it shrank so slightly that they decided to call it stable. He was positive though, saying he thought Tim was doing great - whatever that means. He is off chemo now, continuing with Avastin every three weeks, and just picked up his Tarceva prescription today. He is excited to grow his hair back.

Don, I was very interested in your approach with the cyberknife, and would love to hear your feedback on the team in Seattle. That is where we're looking to find a new oncologist since Tim and the boys are finally moving out to Idaho.

Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers as we awaited these results.


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I consider you husband's ct scan report to be good news. Stability means the disease is being held at bay. In terms of continued survival, there is no difference between no evidence of disease and stable disease. Of course, I am sure that any one of us would rather see no evidence of disease. I am not sure if cyberknife is suitable for numerous tumors. Here is the link to the ask the doctor's site if you want to run your husband's situation by them. They are very reponsive. I got the answer to my question in a few hours.


If I proceed to cyberknife surgery, I will most certainly keep you and others apprised of my experience.

Don M

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I don't have any info on the cyberknife procedure to share with you. However, I do want to say congragulations on the results of scan. I know STABLE was not the news you wanted to hear. We all want to hear NED. Stable is good so grab it every chance you can. Keep us posted and we will continue to help you on this journey. :)

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