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Guest kaychloe23

In January, my father was going in for a knee replacement. A routine cat scan found a tumor (nodule) on his right lobe. Knee surgery was put on hold. Surgery for the tumor was successful with the surgeon being able to take out the whole lobe. In July, my father went for a follow-up Pet Scan. Hot spots have been discovered on the pet scan in three lymph nodes and lining of the lung. He has progressed from a Stage 1 to a Stage 111B within 6 months! 2 of 6 board of doctors at Sloan are questioning some of the hot spots. They feel it may be scar tissue from his surgery. We were told that scar tissue can sometimes come up as hot spots on the pet scan. They want to review his original cat scan (pre-surgery). We are awaiting their suggestion. Treatment is our concern. We were told that normally treatment would be chemotherapy and radiation. Unfortunately, radiation is not an option because his lungs are in such bad shape. They suggested chemotherapy - combination of Taxol and carboplatin. I am sorry this is so long. Do you know anything about false positive pet scans and alternative treatment to try along with the chemotherapy. Thank you for your time and help!!

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my surgeon did tell me that false positives due to the scar tissue where indeed a possibility and an annoyance I might have to live with.

That doesn't mean it needs to be blown off as that. Tuff situation, I know.

I can't help with the chemo question, sorry.

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