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Update on my mom, not much to report


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It has been pointed out that I have not updated in awhile. I haven't had much to report :) My mom is finishing up her cardiac rehab. I went once and it was quite an adorable routine. My mom goes in, my dad and Buddy (doggie) take a 30 minute walk; my dad fills up a plastic cup after the walk b/c Bubby could be thirsty, then Buddy waits on the couch for her to be done, with everyone admiring him :)

She has her scans again in April. I just love that scan time ;) She has more strength, she can now walk the mall if I carry her purse (west coast lingo)/ pocketbook (east coast lingo) part of the way :)

As for me, I am tired of doctors!!! (I even managed to have to consult with my mom's oncologist for a hematology consult over a fertility issue) I am giong to get one more test done, then use the 6 frozen embryos I have for in-vitro, and then be done with it. I have had a lot of tinglign in my back, arms and legs which my doctor thinks is my anxiety. I hate being this anxious :)

That's about it.

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