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Pancoast tumor?


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This is a new term for me, which is amazing considering how much I read about lung cancer. (not that I'm an expert or anything.. I've just read to exhaustion since mom's diagnosis as I'm sure many of you have) I tried to google it but the info out there is a little vague and weird. Could someone point me to further reading?

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Hi, having had one myself.


Others here have had Pancoast also and Kasey and Mary Ann. If you hit search at the top of the page and enter Pancoast , you will see we have talked about it here. Best wishes. Let me know if I can help further. Donna G

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You are right -- there isn't a lot out there on Pancoast tumors, aka superior succulus (?) tumors.

There's a good protocol for taking care of them (blasting them into oblivion) and there's an excellent surgeon here at NIH who is very good with Pancoast tumors.

Welcome -- pancoasts are relatively rare, so I'm glad you found us.



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