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Getting to Know You - March 03


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Overhearing a baby giggle.

Now, I also second puppy kisses and the Jillinator. Jillian is an awesome little girl, so full of everything - heavy mixture of pis_ and vinegar and sunshine. Amazing, vibrant being...

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My brother. Through my worst times these past months, I have called my brother. I mean when I have felt like I didn't want to go on, I called my brother. He always, always seems to say the right things and has incredible wisdom and understanding. He never fails to lift my spirits and I can walk away from a phone call with him that started out in drenching, sobbing tears, and have a big smile on my face.

Other family members cheer me up, too, but he is really good. He told me that he hoped I understood the comparison, but he deals with the death of animals on a daily basis since he's a veterinarian and has just become comfortable with talking with people about these feelings. And to top it off, he frequently has a funny animal story, or other story, to tell me which makes me smile. :)



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Having my boys Nicolas and Connor, out of the blue, say," Mommy,... I love you, you know!!" I can be in the worst of moods and they say that and I always smile. Then I start to feel a little guilty for the bad mood.

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