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Morning cough


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I had a lobectomy, now I have a cough when I wake up in the mornings. I had a cold and I have always had sinus problems. I was wondering if anyone else had this concern. I went to see my doctor and she had me to take a sinus scan to see if I had polyps in my nose.

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One possibility is that mucous might collect at the scar tissue. At least that is what my pulmonologit told me when I told him about persistent congestion I had in my bronchial area. It never completely went away. It was never very thick. I just had to clear my throat a lot.

Don M

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My mom still has a cough often, most likely allergies.

Unrelated to cancer, I have a chronic cough from allergies/post nasal drip/reflux. I believe it is quite common. From my research, chronic coughs happen so often, one of the top reasons people go to a dr.

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Thanks Don and Andrea,

It is good to hear from other people when things happen that frighten you if you think about them too much. I feel much better after reading your responses. Thank you.

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