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I know that not all lung cancer is caused by the use of tobacco products, but a lot of cases are. I am currently writing a research position paper for my English class which argues for the ban of the use and sell of tobacco products in the United States. I know this actually happening is nearly impossible, but I am fighting for it anyway. So I was just wondering if anyone had any general opinions on the issue and if a few people would answer a few questions that I could possibly use as quotes in my paper.


1. If you or the person you know with LC was a smoker, when did you/they start smoking (age and year) and how much did you/they know about the possible dangers involved with using tobacco products?

2. Of those who have been smokers in the past, were you greatly influenced by advertising and was it a major factor in your descision to start.

3. Has advertising about the health affects of smoking influenced anyone you know to quit?

4. What was the most effective product used to help you quit smoking, or did you quit "cold turkey"?



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I think if you read the stories in the My Story forum it will be useful to you. There are many stories from individuals we have lost that describe starting to smoke young, trying to quit etc. Good luck with your paper.

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1) I was a smoker. I started experimenting at 5 I had a habit at 15, which would have been 1966. They talked about LC but stunting your growth was the biggest fear.

2) I really do not think it was advertising as much as it was peer pressure. Everyone of my friends smoked and both my parents did.

3) Some but, mostly family and friends were the biggest influence.

4) I used zyban.

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1. Started smoking in 1971 at 15 for real-I stole my mothers cigarettes on occasion before that but never really 'smoked' them- I just blew the smoke in and out of my mouth. I have always had a very vivid memory of getting a pack of Kools out of a cigarette machine at the movie theater. I remember putting the quarters in (3), and pulling the knob and the excitement of hearing the pack of cigarettes drop. I just realized that this memory that I have had all these years is of the first cigarette pack I ever bought- stored right htere with the other 'important' memories in my life :shock: . Anyway, I was unaware of any health risks or at least don't remember knowing of them- my high school actually had a Senior Smoking lounge (they did away with it during my junior year!). YOu also smoked EVERYwhere.. in the movies, the supermarket, etc. Smoking was such a 'normal' part of life then.

2. Like John, peer pressure and the need to be "cool" was my reason for smoking. Advertising only helped to determine what type of cigarettes I would smoke in the future.

3. I have heard people say they quit because of all the possible health risks.

4. I quit cold turkey, the day of my surgery when they removed 2/3 of my lung. For me, quitting was always something I was unable to do. That thought keeps me from lighting a cigarette- I know that to be able to quit was a miracle, and I doubt I have another one coming to me.

Good luck with your paper Rachel - I totally agree with your views. Have you ever checked out www.thetruth.com?

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1.I started smoking alot in my young teens. My parents and sisters smoked plus all of my friends that I thought were cool. I knew nothing of the dangers of smoking only that it wasn't ladylike.

2. I don't specifically remember being influenced by ads but I must have been since I smoked Marlboros for years.

3. Of course, this influenced people I know to stop, but not all.

4. When Earl and I finally decided to stop smoking, we did it cold turkey. I used a patch for about 3 days. Earl used the patch and Wellbutrin through the whole cycle. To this day, I am amazed that I did it and that it was not nearly as difficult as I had thought it would be. Of course, I wish I had done it earlier.

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DEb started Smoking around 1973 when she turned 18. Do not know why though. I started around 1980 because all my friends did it while we wre hanging on the corner across from school. I still know where that corner is. We both knew the risks involved and could read the warnings on the Pack of smokes. We ignored them and thought ir could never happen to us. Switched to LIghts An also tryed Menthols to get us to quit. We actually quit on April 3 2003 after walking out of a surgeons office when we were both told that Deb had Lung Cancer. Now that is a COLD TURKEY QUIT! We live within 30 minutes of Winston RJR and LORILLARD. Advertising doesn't matter to me

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