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would appreciate info!

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I am a 51 yr old female, and I've been a smoker since the age of 15.

Had a lung ct in July, and it picked up a 5-6mm spot on left lower lobe. Then I had a Petscan, and they said it was too small to characterize.

Had a ct w/contrast done on feb. 24, and thhe spot is now 1.4cm. They're ordering another Petscan, and referring me to a thorasic surgeon. Does anyone have any input? (besides loose the cigs) The doctor said that they are definitely going to have to go in and figure out what we're dealing with. I don't know what to expect, feels like an out of body experience!


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Welcome!!! When first going through testing it is nerve racking and the waiting for scan results seems to take forever. Just be patient and know you will get a LOT of support here.

Just ask away and I know you will find answers from many here.

Please keep us posted and if you can update your profile when you have more informetion, it would be helpful.

I have added you to my prayers...



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Welcome , I agree with Don. Early is good. Sounds like your Doctor is right on top of it. Also there is life after cigarettes. You can do it! Donna G

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Clearly this is a very difficult time for you. I would be concerned if it weren't!

Hopefully, the nodule/mass is a result of something else. There have been many instances when someone with a history like yourself have come here for support and the nodule turned out to be "something else".

The doctors are proceeding in a very prudent fashion and doing the right things for you in the right order.

If it does turn out to be lc, then hooray for you! It almost certainly means a cure when caught so early!

What was it that made you have the CT last July, may I ask?

Just try to take it easy (yeah, right) and come here to unload if you need. We know the emotions you are going through. We all have gone through it ourselves.

Cindi o'h

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Hey there!

Your story sounds similiar to mine. They first found "something" on an xray actually in January- then I went for a CT in February, along with a Pet Scan. My nodule was too small to biopsy (9mm), and the PET didn't really show anything. I went back 3 months later for another CT and my nodule had grown to 13mm. THey couldn't run any tests because of the size and location, so since it had grown, had to go in and take it on out.

I understand exactly how you feel right now. The important thing is try not to panic (I know, easier said than done!). There is a chance that it isn't cancer, and even if it is, you are one of the 'lucky' ones (one day you'll feel lucky, I promise!) and can have it surgically removed. The surgery itself is doable - this coming from someone who's only hospital stay besides childbirth was getting her tonsils out when she was a kid.

You CAN do this- just put one foot in front of the other.

When you get the time, you can browse around Newcomers and also Early Stage. There is lots of info in these forums concerning the situation you are in. Keep posting, we'll get you through this!!

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Hello Everyone,

Back in the summer, I was online searching for info, and at that time, I only found Pet info.I have a pacemaker, and some other blood pressure and heart issues, and I was in the local hospital due to chest pains, and that was the first ct. Last night, I tried "thorasic surgery," and that's how I ended up here. ( Actually, I believe that my grandma, my guardian angel guided me to this site) I really didn't even know what I was doing.

I live in Southern California, and they have been tearing down all of our mountains, and building homes for a long time. I've been told that they've seen about four cases of valley fever.

If it isn't, does catching it early mean no chemo or radiation, or does it depend on type and stage?

Words cannot express my sincere appreciation, but tears of joy feel wonderful! Thank-you soooooooo much, and my best to all of you!

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Nearly three years ago when I was going thru the beginnings of all this, I never thought I'd be happy again or have any kind of a normal life. I had a 3 cm mass removed and elected for adjuvant chemotherapy because at my stage, which was 1B, there was an advantage seen in survival.

Surgery was not easy, but I was home after three nights in the hospital. I was back to work in two weeks, not all better by any means, but ready to get back to doing what I do. During chemo, I worked most days and got a lot of rest.

After surgery, chemo and radiation treatment is dependant on the stage and type of cancer. Your thoracic surgeon will should refer you to an oncologist if chemo or radiation is recommended.

Give up those smokes--if not now, when????? I never thought I'd be able to quit, but now, it's been almost three years, and I haven't spent $3600 on them. The first days were rough, but they get easier and easier and you need to give yourself the best possible chance of a cure.

Good luck to you,


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Do what we did and throw the Cigs out after the Drs. Appointment. Hopefully this is nothing serious. Think Positive at all times. We are here for you and will share a wealth of info if you need or want it. Thwese are probably the nicest people you could want on your side if you need a little or a lot of help and support. Good Luck and will say aprayer that this is nothing serious. Keep us posted.

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We recently had another post from someone with a mass detected in her lung which turned out to be a Valley Fever nodule. I will pray that your will be something other than lung cancer.

If it is LC, than the best chance for a cure is surgery. Go it, and take it out, get every sign of those cancer cells out of the body. Now there are many debates as to the benefit of adjunctive chemo following surgery to decrease the odds of reoccurance. But I guess in my opinion, even if the odds are just a small chance of decreased reoccurance any percentage is worth it. Chemo is not nearly as hard now as it used to be. They have so many new and wonderful drugs to help control the side effects of chemo.

But, until that becomes an issue for you, I will pray for good test result to show No Cancer.

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I agree with everything Carleen said. Please try not to worry as so many people have found out it wsa LC and something else. That may very well be the case with you.

So glad you found us. Please keep us posted on your results. Even if it does turn out to be LC, it is not a death sentence. There are operations if it is in an early stage and chemo and radiation which works wonders.

Just remember and this is very important LC is not necessarly a death sentence. There are so many people on here who were told a couple of months and they are still here years later.


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