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CT Time again !! RESULTS IN !!


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Good Evening Everyone,

Sorry I haven't been on much, having to lay down most of the time keeping my feet and legs above my heart. Having very bad water retention in my entire legs and feet. I'm on 2 different water pills but they don't seem to be working on this. I can't help but feel the cancer in the liver is getting worse and causing this. Anybody out there have any experience with this problem? Anything else I can do?

I've just not had any luck with these different chemo drugs we have tried so far. I've had two of the six scheduled Taxotere treatments, hope this one is working, but just by my touch I can feel that my liver seems to be getting larger. Keep those prayers up for my test Monday.

CT is on Monday, the 6th, then I'm leaving Tuesday for the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Zion, IL for another evaluation. They tell me I'll be there for 3 - 5 days for this evaluation.

Thanks for all your support, I'm sure glad I found this site.

Gotta go lay down again and get them feet up AGAIN. Legs are just about the size of Elephants again :)


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Hey Guys,

Thanx for all the good wishes and your wonderful support.

Got the CT done, even stuck around for a bit so she Tech could make me a couple of copies on CD, one to take to The new Drs in IL tomorrow and one for my local DR. Even with that my local Dr couldn't look at it while I was dropping it off, said she will look at it and call me, hopefully this afternoon. I'm sitting here looking at the other CD right in front of me. It has all the info I want to know on it, but I can't read these things. I can pull it up on my computer but can't make heads or tails out of it.

BOY, Do I have my fingers and everything else crossed. Sitting right here in front of me and it's driving me crazy.


Well when I hear from her, I'll be right back at you with the results, hopefully soon.

Love you guys,


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Well my ocon was working late tonight. Good news and Bad news on CT.

CT shows more cancer spots in my liver, this is why I'm retaining all this water in my legs. There is also what she describes as "free flowing fluid" around my stomach. I was wondering why my stomach was so hard, guess this explains it. Liver is just not working properly. There are so many small areas in the liver they are not even counting them. They are small. This last chemo treatment with Taxotere was only the 2nd out of 6 or 7 that I need to do. It may be working as far as making the cancer hold it's own where it is now and not spread. All other areas clear of any cancer where it had spread to before. This is what I was most worried about was it spreading again, to other areas it has been to before and spreading to new areas all together.

Now the bad news. The orgin spot in the left lung is growing. Last CT in Dec. showed it at 4cm, it has grown to 6cm or about the size of a golf ball.

Believe it or not I'm actually encouraged at these results, I was really expecting much worse. Now if we can just find the right chemo to send this the other way. Hoping to start on that road tomorrow with my trip to the Cancer Center in IL for another opinion and evaluation.

My oncn here is talking about adding a chemo drug called CAV, can anyone fill me in on experience with this one?

Time to go put these legs back up again. All this water in my legs is really uncomfortable and the only way to get it down is legs and feet above the heart for a while.

Keep me in your thoughts guys and have a good night. OH, I'll also have my laptop with me in IL so I'll stay in touch from there. Have a good night !!


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Hello everyone. I am Warren's wife, Donna. I have read your posts, and kept up with his as he has written them. I am glad Warren found this place, I think it was a place of Hope for him, and he could talk to other people that were in the same situation as he. Cancer. I hate that word. What I have to say is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, although I know there are gonna be harder times pretty quick. There is no easy way to say anything like this, and I am not good at sugar coating things. It is hard to keep from crying, and I know more is coming.

Warren and I went through the tests and things at the CTCA and today, we were to consult with a Dr. I had a bad feeling when we walked in, he told Warren he wished he had met him many years ago, to stop him from smoking. It got worse, and bottom line is that Warren has about 2 months. and yes, He told us to contact Hospice.

He wanted me to post on here..I know he will post later, but I think right now he is having alot of things rushing through his mind.

I can't imagine how hard this is for him. I can't tell you what it feels like for me to know how limited our time is left. 60 days.......not enough time---never enough time. It is hard right now to try to be strong, I feel bad because I can't stop myself from crying and then Warren is the one comforting me..I feel selfish that he is leaving me, and I feel so sorry for him because there isn't anything I can do to help him on this journey other than walk with him as far as I can by his side holding his hand.....and then let go. I DON'T want to let go damn it. I am not gonna say all the stuff that people say, but you can bet that I have thought it.....am thinking it.

I don't want to bore you, but...I was married for 23 years to a controling, drunk, a-hole. I met Warren and he has been the most wonderful thing that ever happened in my life. We have only had 5 SHORT years together, been married just over 3---how unfair is that?


Actually, I thought about erasing the things I put above, I know life isn't fair, I know there are no promises, and the LAST thing I want is for anyone to feel sorry for me or for Warren. I just want you to know that he is GOOD man--the BEST thing that happened in my life...and I am SURE I will be with him in our next lifetime....and I will know it when I find him...........

Thanks ya'll for letting me talk....NO, it hasn't helped me....and never will, but...I KNOW it has helped Warren..and for that...I thank you....for supporting him, I thank you...and for giving him strength I thank you the most.

Donna Stearns,

Warren's wife...

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I see that Warren sought a second opinion at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, which is a comprhensive cancer center approved by the National Cancer Institute.

The Cancer Treatment Center of Amarica is not a NCI approved center. I don't like the doctor's comment to Warren:

"he told Warren he wished he had met him many years ago, to stop him from smoking..." and then sends him home to die.

To say the least, this is not good bedside manner. If I were you, I would throw that evaluation away, and go back to the Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center and try the oncologist's recommendation for the next drug.

At least Warren should get palliative treatment or hospice recommendation. He sure did not need a lecture on the evils of cigarette smoking.

Don M

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Oh Donna, Iam so sorry to hear the distressing news about Warren.

I also do not like what the doctor told you. There is like 40% of people who get LC who were former smokers, some over 25 years, so he doens't seem to much up on stastics.

Maybe you should listen to what Don told you about going back to the other certified Cancer center. There has to be something to be done to help Warren. He should keep getting treatments and not give up hope no matter what those stastics are.

Many people on here have heard those words 2 months and are still here. Please don't give up hope and try to get him another opinion, then another, whatever works.

Please know that we are here for you 24/7. I am so sorry for all this hurt I can only symphaise with your situation.

Please keep us posted and let Warren know we are thinking of him and sending prayers.


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I agree with all the expert advice here, please go get another opinion or at least go back for another try at another drug. There are true stories where people were given 3 months to live and they decided they weren't going anywhere. Lo and behold, many years later they were still around. It can happen! Just don't give up.

My prayers are with you both.


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