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Another question-sorry to be such a pest.


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I've been asking questions many of you questions about this pain I've had over the left breast. I had a pneumonectomy a year ago in April and on the x-ray it showed a displaced broken rib. I didn't bother me too much for a while but in the last few weeks it's been hurting me. Pinching, almost like a bite from the inside. I've been to my PCP and she feels the breast, arm pit etc. and say's the pain is from the rib--it hurts to push on it. and the rib area is quite prominent. Anyway I've been panicked about mets or a new tumor etc. But the doctors tell me it's just rib pain.. but why now etc. Well last night it was irrating me, again. (It never bothers me when I sleep) and my arm was too. So before bed I took this huge Ace bandage and wrapped it around the upper chest, under the arm pit area. And for the first time I have no pain. It feels much better.... This makes me feel better because now I really do believe it is just the ribs grinding around causing pain BUT I know I can't stay wrapped up. My docs told me or I read it somewhere that it's not good to be wrapped/taped because of the risk of pneumonia? and with one lung that would not be good... does anyone have any suggestions?

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I am pretty sure your dr is right beings you did the tie thing but drs can always say as any of us can, not to worry, its such and such cause but they are only guessing.

My suggestion is that you have scans to the rib cage area and the arm. My husband has the same thing and for months they told him it was because of the operation. To make a long story short, it wasn't. It was that bad cancer showing up in his rib bones... his arm they still have not done anything about.

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