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Playing for a CURE...we want details!


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You are probably still asleep! LOL after all your hard work! I'm so excited to know how it went!!

Hope it was a complete success and you have a wonderful time too!!


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I don't want to steal Jamie's thunder, so I'll keep this short until she has a chance to post; but I have to tell you all how beautiful Jamie is, both inside and out, and what an incredible job she did to bring awareness to lung cancer. It was overwhelming to walk thru the school and see and feel all the love. These kids absolutely love her...and her handsome husband too! She is one of the most loved teachers I have ever known, and it shows. These kids worked so hard helping her put together this event and I cannot tell you all how proud you would have been to have seen your (your loved ones) stories posted everywhere, on the awards, on the big screen powerpoint presentation. I was so proud to have been able to witness this in person. I took plenty of pictures and after Jamie has a chance to share her update, I'll be posting some of the pictures and sending some to each of you privately too!

Thank you Jamie.

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