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My husband, Frank, was diagnosed with lung cancer, Stage 4 (small cell, adenocarcinoma) with mets to the liver, bones and mediastinum at the end of May 05.

It has been a roller coaster ride since then. He was found to have the EGFR mutation and started on iressa. It worked for 4 months and then he was put on tarceva which never worked and made him miserable.

Now he is on carboplatin, taxol, and avastin. Tomorrow we find out whether it has worked . If so he will continue on it. He is tolerating it very well . We are praying it has worked.

Do any of your doctors' believe in doing CEA's as a marker. My husband's last one was in the 1200's.

I have been needing support and will gladly give some if I can be of help.


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Jackie -

You will get tons of support here...tons! I am sorry that you are on this yucky journey. Will be hoping for some peace of mind for you and your husband as you wait for the results -- hoping that you get a stable or shrinkage result. Avastin has helped quite a few people here, as well as the older chemo protocols.

Keep us posted.


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Welcome Jackie. I am sorry the tarceva did not work for your husband. Hopefully you will find that the new protocol is doing its job and shrinking the cancer. I think you meant to say your husband has non-small cell lung cancer. Our oncologist has never discussed markers but I know that others on here do monitor them. Where are you from? Please tell us more about you both. Once again welcome to our family.

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Hi Jackie,

I've was on the carbo/taxol avastin combo when I was dx in May/05. They've continued me on Avastin since then with good results.

Praying this works for Frank as well and if you have any questions I'd be happy to help.

Sorry I can't be of any help with the "markers".


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Hi Jackie--Welcome and sorry to hear about your husband. In my case my doctor cannot tell by the markers weather it is good, bad or indifferent. For me we have to wait for the CT Scan results. Please keep in mind even if one chemo does not work another will. Stay with us, keep us posted. Hope this helps. Rich

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Welcome Jackie,

Sory about your husband's diagnosis. I will be praying for your husband to receive good test results and can continue on with this treatment with little to no side effects.

One of the doctors Keith has seen has requested blood tests for markers as a sign of tumor activity. It is very common in tumors with neuroendocrine features to have fluctuations in different hormone and chemical levels based on tumor growth. Our primary oncologist never did these tumor marker tests before it was requested by the specialist. It just isn't standard protocol, but for some doctors it is another tool used for early detection and for additional information and support to reading scans and test results. Since this is fairly new to our experience, I am not fully versed on what the levels and numbers mean.

All I can really offer to you is my support and caring. Your dear sweet husband will be in my prayers. You will also be in my prayers. Hold onto hope and hold onto strength and faith. It is a difficult ride, but we are here to help you too.

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Hi Jackie and welcome. I'll be watching to see how your husbands tests come out with this chemo. Did he have any treatment for the bone or liver? Radiation? Keep us posted. Donna G

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Hello Jackie

I'm sorry that your husband is facing this difficulty, it seems that he has wonderful support in you.

I, too, have very high CEA readings (last one 1466) and was told by my docs that the reason it was so high was because I have mets to my liver making it difficult to clear out of my system. I don't know if they will continue to monitor it since it will never be normal until my liver function is restored.

God Bless you both, keep strong. You have no idea the value of a caring and concerned spouse to people in our position.

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