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what I've been up to...and NYC volunteers needed!


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well, I am somewhat MIA from this Board of late. I'd love to tell you it's sheer business, but there's a little bit of overwhelmedness at the losses lately, too. I will get through and be back in force.

in the meantime, I have not abandoned the cause of LC altogether.

1. I have started planning a walk/run for New York City for November. I was shocked last year when I had to travel no less than an hour to do an LC-specific event (on Long Island) so I decided to remedy that. if my grand vision is achieved, we'll have a run/walk in Central Park the weekend before the election (that way the pols will HAVE to show up and HEAR US). Joanie55 is onboard to help, as is my mama suki. volunteers and people with connections to possible sponsors, vendors, etc. are welcome.

2. I am an Ambassador for the American Cancer Society's Celebration on the Hill this year. basically, it's a 'real people' lobbying effort, where 8 people from each congressional district will lobby their congressperson and senators, write to local newspapers, etc., culminating with a march and face-to-face lobbying effort in September.

well. we had our first 'training' last week, where they also briefed us on their message, and the message we'd be bringing to congress. I WAS SHOCKED to learn that the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY's lung cancer message was 100% smoking prevention. ARGH!!! I raised my hand to "educate" the freakin' director of leg affairs for ACS so many times during the training, I seriously thought they were going to tell me nevermind. instead, they made me the leader of my little team (not a big deal, just the 5 women from Carolyn Maloney's district) and asked me to call him with more information. so as infuriating as it was, I have decided to continue the work and be the squeaky wheel within the ACS for LC. more on this as it develops.

so although I've been a wee bti quiet here, I've been noisy as hell elsewhere. :lol: obviously, my experiences with my mom is my first motivation, but you are all right up there with her. I heard Fay and Becky and Connie and many others whispering in my ear while I was giving them hell at that training... :wink:

more will be revealed...



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