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another rambling from the religious mutt...


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so I am not a Christian, per se, though I was raised by one Christian, or at least not Jewish, parent and a loving, devoted Christian aunt (Pam, who's chilling with Pamela Fay right now, as we speak...). the fun part of this is that I get to stumble upon beautiful gems from the New Testament that many of you probably already know about. so here's what someone, literally, handed me on a piece of paper in the subway the other day...I'd heard it before, but never knew the source and BOY did I need it on Saturday...

"God loves each one of us as if there were but one of us to love." John 3:16



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Boy Bunny,

For someone who is not a "Christian Per Se" I really see God working in you and through you to bring the beauty of his word and his promises to us. Especially to those of us who need to be lifted up precisely at the time you are posting your messages.


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