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PUB is Open!

cindi o'h

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Help! We have quite a few newcommers who are trying to find their way around.

I need "old-timer" volunteers to bring them to the pub. The more scoop you can get on them to share with the rest of the group, the better. In fact, I will give you free drinks for the rest of the night.

You will be responsible to name your newcommer, what you have in common with that newcommer, what you don't have in common with that newcommer, get them to the pub, and make sure they get home safely. (oh, find out what they usually like to drink too, okay?)

Okay, Old Timer, Volunteers!!! Sign up and Go find your newcommer!!

Cindi o'h

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Woo hoo!

I have dragged Barb, aka Blaze into Cindi's Pub for this newcomer get together. She is loving every Smith and Kern's I pour and being from Wisconsin originally, and a true cheesehead, she is throwing down the deep fried cheese curds! Yummy!

Barb just found us earlier in January. Her first post was responding to being short of breath. When she gets that way, tears flow; when I get that way, I pee my pants.

Barb is a good FIVE years out from diagnosis. YES!

She admits there have been hurdles. The biggest one was the isolation and feeling alone in the process. She has depended on her faith to get her through and attends a bible study group where she finds comfort through another member who struggles with M.S. and the passages from the bible that she chooses. Can't say that I didn't get down on my knobby knees more than once during this process!

Barb teaches Math at a Community College. She loves her 3 cats, and pets her husband's wooly back as much as she pets her kitties!

This girl has spunk, is smart and certainly deserves to be here among the rest of you maniacs!

Please buy this girl some Kahlua and Cream and say "howdy" as you lushes come by!

love, Cindi o'h

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Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - I am looking for a my pub pal now...I will be there soon. Think I am going to have a "girl drink drunk drink" like a pina colad with lots of umbrellas. If the booze doesn't get me the sugar will.

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Ok, I am with Charlie D and dragging Jodi along with me.

Jodi and her husband Bill live in Connecticut along with their son Luke. Jodi is a full-time child wrangler -- actually an administrator -- but wrangler sounds better. Her husband pilots in the friendly skies.

She have an Absolute/Tonic (such a sophisticated drink when compared to my tropical shakes.)

I have only been to the pub once before, and I really, really need a drink -- it could be messy, Charlie D will drive me home.

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Yo Cindi,

I would like to bring in Jodi, she is a Absolute and tonic girl. So the first drink for Jodi is on me.( not literally :D )

Welcome Jody, you can have a seat right next to me.

PARTY TIME!!!!!!!!!!

Maryanne :wink:

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Ok, It is not fair hogging the new girl, JOdi!!! I was gonna bring hr to the pub!! boo hoo....So I guess I go get Rich...He is tried and true and after the couple of weeks he's been through...he needs to be here on the bar stool hoisting a few and going well, the NExt years it will be the PAts and the SOx and the Celtics.....

Much love,


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okay, J.C., you go get Frantastic, the chilly Canadian, and bring her on by. But, you are going to go have to figure out what you will order for her..and then order what you are in the mood for today... maybe a "rattling chain"??? or a "recliner"?

Got it all here, from just plain coffee to coffee with a "kick".

Go see what she is made of, Jackie!

And Donna, will you mind going to get Patty and bringing her here? Follow the yellow brick road. Find out what her favorite beverage is and then order something nice for yourself. You can't just walk in and think you're going to be standing around without a nice tall glass in your hands! In no time at all, we will get a smile on your face and a comfy glow in your heart..

Now GO...

Ice...need more ice.

where's my barback, CharlieD?

Cindi o'h

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Just look out where the huskys go....lets not eat that yellow snow....

Make me a Absolute martini double olives neat.....

Oh and make a cosmo for my friend Jaime with the worlds cutest little boychild avatar.

Oh here's my sack of quarters for the juke box machine....just don't play freebird or the Beach boys...I will leave if you do.

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Somebody pick up Trish! No coming solo to this party! We are in this altogether!

While your new pal is picking you up, Trish, I will be squeezing the best sweet/sour grapefruit 'specially for you! Oh, when the juice is good, there is no such thing as too many!

Aren't the cheese curds and Italian meatballs heavenly?

CharlieD...no yellow cubes. No.

Like to drop in on that conversation about the racing, Nancy and Jimben. That sounds like a whole lotta fun and excitement.

Cindi o'h

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Ok, I don't really quite fit answering this one, but (sniff, sniff) I don't see any seasoned takers for me yet......I love a good drink at the local pub (anything red wine related is good...it's medicinal you know and is really good for your cholesterol).

Notorious for crashing parties,


P.S. I really, really want to know where eppie gets the avatars and how to do those -- they just rock!

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