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PUB is Open!

cindi o'h

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....WEll, looky here missy, if you are buying... I may have to loossen my lips and let you in on the secret of my avatar.....google, babes.

Go avatar shopping.

For example, I searched under "avatar gif animated"

and found this cutie dancer:


at this site:


Try a a google search to see what you come up with.

Much love, Eppie

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I'm real late for this party so I'll take Linda661, only know that she's a red wine person..........want's everyone to think it's purely medicinal too!!!!!!!Ha! me too, alcohol sterilizes stuff doesn't it?

So Cindi, line us up a red wine and a scotch and 7up (into the serious drinking tonight) and I'll see what snacks I can rustle up.

Cheers everyone, bottoms up.


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Crashing in with Trish, she already gave you her

oder, make mine clear water and ice (not the yellow one) I'll have enough 'Poutine' for the gang.

Frantastic, must have been busy, as no answer

from her, she may be along with somebody else.

Come on Trish, we will floor them.


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Hey CharlieD--why is there yellow ice cubes in the creek? Has somebody been peein' in it? Or does that yellow brick road go thru it? Donna & I are following the yellow brick road with her Italian meatballs and I am Italian too! I'm not "supposed" to drink any alcohol, so I will just have a coffee, strong Italian expresso style, besides I'm goofy enough without the alcohol....just follow the yellow brick road...ha ha...he he...ho ho...oh my!!!!

Just love you guys!!!!


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