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Little easier without Leslie 22, but not much.


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Just a note to anyone wondering, I am hanging in there. This past week was a bit easier to get through. Today though, I am working, and right in the midst of the day, I began to really miss Leslie again. So I figured I'd drop a note here to ease the pain. I miss her, I really miss here. It just hasn't completely sank in that Leslie is gone. The hardest part is the thought of never talking again. It really sucks. I get so down.

On a brighter note, I met a lady who's husband passed last year, (not sure how or why). She invited me to a support group meeting later this month. I am looking forward to sharing my feelings. I have not shared with anyone in person for quite some time now. I am ok, but am lonely here. All my family is 1200 miles away, so am sucking it up, trying to maintain.

Well, just an update. Thanks for lending an ear, or set of eyes in this case! :o)


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I am always so glad when you post to let us know how you are doing.

I think about you and send prayers for you to heal.

It is a great idea to join a support group. Meanwhile, you always have us here.

Take care my friend,


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Hi Mark,

Funny thing is today I have been crying all day this was the first place I ran to..I love all my family here, they have all been here for me through all the bad times..It is great you joined a group, so did I. My group meets this Wednesday, and God do I need it this month..I pray things will get easier for all of us, and God hears our prayers..


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I could not agree more with everyone. I am here every day. Lost Deb almost 2 months ago this month. still have not started removing things but am getting to it.

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hi mark,

i don't expect it will get easier any time soon. but it will get easier. if you believe that our bodies are here as a loan, and the spirit lives on, then you will take comfort in knowing that she is still around and if you take time to notice the little things, you will hear from her. mirrell

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