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Addie's Celebration of Life- UPDATED w/pics


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It was a wonderful party. Her husband Paul just thanked everybody for coming and a good friend did some reminiscng of our dear Addie. There were many, many people there, golfing friends, friends from her dog message board, regular friends and her family, and of course, those of us from LCSC. Just a few tears, mostly laughter and fond memories of an amazing woman. It was a wonderful tribute to a woman who touched many, many lives with her generosity of spirit and hope. May she have enjoyed yesterday.

Geri, Kasey, Sharon and I were like old friends. The waitress at dinner DID NOT believe we had just met. It was so much fun to meet, and Sharon's poor husband, Michael, graciously put up with 4 giggly women. We spent 4 1/2 hours at dinner. How wonderful it was.

Then Geri, Kasey and I spent 1/2 the night talking and spent about 2 hours at breakfast continuing the talk. What fun.

Geri is on her way to Boston to meet with Rich about the Boston walk. Kasey, Sharon and I are going, we haven't finished all our girl talk. Hope many here can join us. I know Rich and Geri will be keeping us all aware of the details.

I have sent some pictures to Katie to post her to let you see how gorgeous we all are.

Again, it always amazes me how I mourn my friends on the board that have died, how I wish the lc survivors here nothing but good news and how many friends I feel that I have made here.

The rest of the group will add more, I just promised Kasey I would post before she got home.



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Hey friends,

As Ginny (or Guinea) "as she is affectionately known in CT" said, we so enjoyed seeing each other.

Mike and I arrived at the restaurant first and when I saw the car pull in and these three great ladies appeared, well, I was smiling ear to ear.

We laughed, talked, hugged, cried and truly enjoyed being together. What a blessing this board is... if not for it, I would never have had the opportunity to meet such wonderful, caring people.

We closed down the restaurant.... although we easily could have yakked for hours more. My husband, who never quite understood why I write on these boards, was so touched by Kasey, Geri and Ginny that he now has gained a whole new insight into what this "place" is really all about. He is excited about meeting up again in Boston and hopefully more of the group will be joining us.

It truly was a great evening and I hope it was the first of many more to come.... Love, Sharon

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To Lib's incredibly loving and loyal friends, I salute you all !!!!!

I know that SO many of you, given less mileage restrictions :? would have been at Lib's celebration, but to see the likes of Geri,Ginny,Sharyn, and dear Kasey............all making the trip and being there for Lib? Well, honestly? I am overwhelmed at the effort you all put forth to be there to honor your friend......She would be swinging from the rafters (with her chicken hat on) to thank you for honoring her so lovingly.......

You all are the very BEST friends possible !!!!!

Thank You !


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Hey ladies!

It was wonderful to meet you, Ginny, Geri and Casey--

And I know Addie was there with us, enjoying the celebration.

And she is with all of us in our hearts, forever!!

Thanks to her, I was able to meet all of you in person and give you hugs!!

Lets always remember to keep the right "Addie 'Tude"

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You ladies are gorgeous! (Who's the dude, he's not bad either :D )

It's apparent you had a wonderful time! I hope your waitress was tipped extra for her insight. Your dinner wasn't the first time you met, you met here, some of you, years ago. Real people type these written words and real relationships can be formed.

You beauties just met in person for the first time. I'm sure Addie was present, offering her pork chop, the generous soul she is. Thank you so much for sharing your gathering with us!

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A big hug for you all and a huge thank you from here, for honoring our friend Libby with your beautiful presence at the Celebration of her Life...we held our own West Coast Lib Toast and felt your vibes from across the continent :wink:

I just know she's grinning with you all, with us all, for making these connections, through her...and through us she lives on.

What a blessing YOU are!


Addie's Shelwyn

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Guest Mainiac

You are all so beautiful! And what wonderful friends you are.

I wasn't able to get there, but sure would have enjoyed meeting you. Instead, I lit a candle for Lib ... vanilla scented, her favorite ... and had a nice glass of Bailey's in her honor.

I'm SO GLAD her internet friendships were so well represented :) .

Thanks for the update and all the details.

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Oh My G-d talk about the 3 musketeers!! I could just imagine all the talking you girls did.

It was so nice of you to go to the memorial. I am sure Paul really apprecited it.

Bless you all you are all so beautiful!!

Maryanne :wink:

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Oh the buzzing that went on... You just have to know that Lib was conducting all of it! She was such a hoot!

Look at her other pals that come here to cheer you girls on! Dontcha just love all her doggie buddies? They are the best too!

I sure do wish I could have been there will all of you girls. I got to love Addie's other friends too.

love to Paul and all who loved Addie. We miss you Dearest and that is no lie.

Cindi o'h

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Well, I'm home and feel that I've just had the fullest 3 days in recent history.

Libby's celebration was just that, a true celebration of her wonderful life. She was there, making sure that no one got maudlin, stories were told and laughs shared. Kasey, Ginny and I all said that we hoped something like would happen for us.

As for dinner, it was fabulous! Meeting Sharon and Michael was old home week.

I am absolutely amazed that I met these people and felt so comfortable with them imediately. No strangeness, no awkward moments just relaxing chatter and laughter.

Boston went well, Rich looks none the worse for his hospital stay and we got the ball rolling for our walk.

All is well in this part of the world right now, there's a busy summer ahead and it seems just great!


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Well, I am late to THIS party :oops: , but I wasn't for the celebration :lol: . Nothing much more to add to the others' comments ~ EXCEPT that it was just as all of you would have expected from Addie..........uplifting and positive and full of 'Addietude'!!!!!

It was wonderful meeting up with 'friends' too. Dinner turned into a giggle fest of sorts which lasted MUCH too long, if you asked our waitress. Now on a more serious note, PLEASE offer some prayers for Sharon's DH, Michael. I am not sure he has recovered yet from the HOURS of suffering we subjected him to at dinner! What a GUY!!!! Way to go Sharon :lol::lol: !



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