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The Pain Gets Worse...


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As time goes on, the pain in my heart gets so much worse. This weekend I had to finish cleaning Mark's house..How I miss my dear brother, only God knows!!I saved every thing that he had just to cheerish and keep..I have the pillow he slept on and will never wash it..This month will be the most difficult yet, the 9th will be 4 months ago Mark died,on the 18th my mom's anniversary of her death 4 years, on the 20th is my birthday and Mark used to be the very first call in the morning :cry: He would always say "I love you kid"

The 31st would have been Mark's 51st birthday..I don't think I have felt this heartbroken since Mark passed away..Why does this have to happen this way? Why couldn't God take me? I still cannot imagine the rest of my life with out my brother..I feel so bad saying this to all of you, I know all the problems and heart aches every one has, but I know you understand and will pray for me..

I love you all and I am sorry...

Donna :cry:

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I know exactly how you feel I think as time goes on we relize that there really not coming back :cry: .

This sure sounds like a rough month for you but remember how much your brother loves you and know that he wouldn't want you to be so sad. I miss my Dad so much and trust me I know the pain your feeling and it really sucks. People keep telling me that time heals but right now I'm not sure I believe them..

I wish there was something I could do to make you feel better.(((hugs)))


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What a special relationship for you to cherish always. I hope you can find some comfort in knowing that. I hope the pain will ease for you soon. It sounds like this is an especially memorable time and a time for you to always take time for grieving. Your dear brother has not been gone for very long either, so I am not surprised that your wound is still gaping open. I pray for your healing. I always wished that I had a brother to be close to, but I just have a younger sister. Patty

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Hi Donna,

When something hurts so bad you just have to take it slowly.

One day at a time. I'm praying that each day is just a little better than the last and that you'll continue to reach out when you need help.

Remember that your brother will forever be with you in your heart.

Sending prayers for you.

Warm Hugs,


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