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My heart is breaking. Yesterday they told us that his scan last week showed that the cancer continues to progress and that the Navelbine is not working. The think that totally has us in shock and disbelief is that they told us there are "no other options" left for him... there might be one but it is "highly toxic" (can't remember the name; I think it started with an "I") and are leaving it up to him to decide if he wants to go through it. They are talking about referring him to hospice, and to us that is for people unable to take care of themselves. We feel like they are closing the door on us. Jim is unbelievably down, and his response to most questions is "it doesn't matter" -- totally unlike him. We feel like they've taken away his hope. I want to pursue other opinions based on what I've read on this board, when I see folks who have been through many more kinds of treatments than he has. He's supposedly being treated at one of the best places in the country. Out of state is probably not an option as our insurance probalby will only cover a portion, and Massachusetts doesn't allow providers to "bill back" the difference to the patient... we have NO money to pay the difference which is sometimes thousands of dollars. Any advice would be welcome! Sandy

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I just feel for you. This has to be like getting socked in the gut. I pray he can rebound with some hope soon. It is so hard when the Drs aren't offering any, but you guys have been fighting this for so long!

I don't know much, but I can sure pray! You will be in my prayers. Please keep us posted.

:) Kelly

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