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An Opportunity....


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Dana Reeve's death has given us an opportunity to spread information about LC. It's what she would have done, if she'd been able too.

this is what I have posted on some other message/bulletin boards that I frequent. If there are other places you visit, post, whatever....please take the time to do something similar. The window of opportunity is OPEN!!

Because lung cancer is a subject that hits very close to home with me.....upon the untimely death of the beautiful Dana Reeve....here is some information to ponder:

29% of all cancer deaths are lung cancer.....

13% of all new cancer diagnoses are lung cancer....

87% of lung cancers are caused by environmental agents, with smoking being the leading cause

For more information read this article:


Women are the fastest increasing segment of the lung cancer community:

http://www.lungcancer.org/patients/wome ... men_lc.htm

If you, or someone you love is diagnosed with lung cancer, you MUST visit this site.....it is a community of survivors, caretakers, and amazing people fighting this disease every day. My user name is "Babesdaughter" if you care to read any information about my Mom's brief battle with NSCLC.


Mrs. Reeve's death has saddened me to no end. She would have been such an amazing champion to bring light to this disease. In her death, there are many that will speak for her.

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