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Would like some definitions, please.


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Hi All,

Just puzzled and can't figure out some stuff. If someone says they had a thoracotomy, what did they have? In the glossary, it says it's an operation to open the chest. Didn't say from the front, back, side, bottom, or what was actually done after the chest was opened????? What are SUV's? What is an SF? I don't know as much as I should because sometimes I think I don't want to know and more than likely I won't be able to remember it. Today I wanna know. Oh yeah, and what's the definition of "chemo brain".

Thanks, Patty

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Patty, I'll start with SF as it's the least threatening (in most cases). SF is step father.

SUV's are standardized uptake values-used in interpreting PET scans.

A thoracotomy could be performed to then do a lobectomy or a segmentectomy of the lung.

Chemo Brain. Chemotherapy MAY sometimes have a short term affect on memory. It's not debilitating, but a little embarrassing when you have to think a bit to remember names, etc. It generally goes away. This, it seems, is different than the memory problems some report following WBR (whole brain radiation). More questions?


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I have had chemo brain ever since I started chemo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not really a bad thing-I see movies several times and can not remember the endings. Always a laugh around here. My kids swear-Mom you have seen this before-I do not recall so I get to watch it again!!

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I think I must still have chemo brain, too. That, along with a "too many meds", A.D.D., and menopausal brain. I think, (as if I were a good thinker!) that I still luckily have a sense of humor. At least on the days when the hormones aren't in too much turmoil and I am not "in a funk". Patty

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