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Is this a dream or What? Does not seem real


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5 weeks ago husband dx stage iv large cell lung cancer and 12 tumors in the brain. Had radiation for the brain and will know more on the 23rd regarding results.

After radiation he was tired. Started weaning off steroids. For the last week and a half he is like he use to be before we knew about the cancer. He feels good. My spirits are high and I'm so happy. It's hard to believe that he has cancer.

Has anyone else felt good before they started feeling bad?

I'm taking one day at a time. He does not want chemo at all. Says when it's his time he's ready.

Thanks for reading,


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It does seem sort of surreal doesn't it! My FIL was never sick - they found his tumor on a routine xray, which we are so very thankful for - but as he was going through the treatments and feeling so crummy, I just had a hard time reconciling that we had taken a man who had no symptoms, and gave him treatments that made him feel so bad.

When I was in high school, my uncle was diagnosed with lymphoma - we helped him through all his treatments - and I could talk about that, and say that he had cancer, but I honestly don't think that I ever really believed it. He is an inspiration - he is a 20+ year survivor!!

Enjoy every day!!

Will pray for good news!

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Chemo was hard on Deb. radiation she painted the inside of our house and I am so proud off her for that so excuse my bragging. She wanted to do it. Radiation can do wonders for a person a;long with the steroids they give you. Where in NC are you? I aam in Greensboro NC

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Hope Mike continues to feel great. I was dx last May and have felt great most of the time. I had some problems with withdrawal from Decadron and last week I had some pain (maybe from a bone met). I am seeing the radiation onc Fri, although the pain is gone now. But for the better part of the last 10 months, I have felt quite normal.

Good luck.


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