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Does anyone have any information on Radiosurgery (Fractionated Stereotactice Radiosurgery)? Is it the same thing as Radio Frequency? How new is it? Is is considered a clinical trial? My Father can not do radiation because his lungs are in bad shape. His oncologist said Chemo is his only option to possibly shrink cancer cells and then maybe radiation in the future. I was hoping Radiosurgery might be another option for him. Thank you in advance.

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Stereotatic radiosurgery is essentially the same thing as radiation therapy with the exception that it is more focused and spares healthy cells more than conventional therapy.

Sterotatic radiosurgery is usually done on the brain. The problem with using this on other parts of the body is that the movement of breathing and just movement of the body during treatment make it hard to point the radiation on a small spot.

Stereotatic radiosurgery uses high ammounts and more focused beams vs. convention radiotherapy.

There are other new radiotherapies available - whole-body stereotatic, IMRT and 3-D conformal radiation. They are all supposed to focus the radiation on the tumor and avoid radiating the healthy tissue.

I believe this is correct but I may be wrong on some of the info. Check out


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